The Greater Of Two Evils

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Published 2017.01.06, Updated 2017.11.06


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I’ve always opposed the U.S.’s two-party system and have always seen both major parties as corrupt, non-helpful, and more interested in money and power than in helping citizens. But it’s increasingly clear that the Republican National Committee (RNC, Republican Party, or “GOP”) is by far the worst offender. When I was younger, my Dad explained the “lesser of two evils” problem in voting; I eventually began to wonder why people keep voting for the greater of two evils: Republicans. Almost everything they do is wrong.

Below, I list specific instances, divided by category and with a complete list of citations, in which the Republican Party — including its leaders and spokespersons — has actively worked against the U.S. becoming a better country.

Yes, Democrats are imperfect. I have always been (and remain) a staunch Independent. However, the instances highlighted below show the difference between the two major parties. In almost all these instances, it was the Democratic Party that attempted to create a better nation and the RNC that hoped to stop it.

And no, not every Republican voter agrees with all these stances. Yet they continue to vote for the GOP candidates who do agree with many (usually most) of these stances.

Anti-Environment GOP Wants To End Endangered Species Act2017.11.05
Trump Calls For End To Environment Rules2017.01.20
Republicans Overwhelmingly Support Pipeline2015.01.09
GOP Plan To Fight EPA2015.01.07
Republicans Turned Backs On Environment2012.11.05

Anti-Climate Change Trump Calls For End To Climate Action Plan2017.01.20
Republicans: Only AGW-Denying Party In World2015.09.27
Most GOP Senators Are Climate Deniers2015.01.10

Anti-Middle Class
Trump Suspends FHA Rate Cut2017.01.23
New Hampshire GOP Lowers Corporate Taxes2015.04.01
New Hampshire GOP Cuts Services2015.04.01
GOP Goes After Social Security2015.01.26
GOP Blocks Unemployment Benefits2014.02.07
Long History Of Opposing Social Welfare2013.10.07
Republicans Vigorously Oppose SNAP2013.09.20

Anti-Healthcare GOP Wants Millions To Lose Healthcare2017.07.27

Anti-LGBTQ+ Trump’s Appalling Anti-Trans Rant2017.07.28
Most Anti-Gay Platform In Party History2016.07.14
Opposes Same-Sex Marriage2016.07.11
Texas GOP Endorses ‘Reparative Therapy’2014.06.07

Theocratic Laws Subject To God2016.07.13
Religion Is Excuse To Discriminate2016.03.30

Anti-Science Republicans’ War On Science2015.01.13
GOP Attacks Science Funding2014.11.27
House GOP Proposes Cutting Science Funding2013.07.09
Republican Candidates Don’t Know Basic Science2012.11.20
GOP Opposes Research2011.08.07
Louisiana GOP Teaches Bible As Science2009.02.18

Anti-Education GOP Confirms DeVos As Education Secretary2017.02.07

Anti-Facts Trump Keeps Lying About Murder Rate2017.02.07

Anti-Peace Cruz Endorses ‘Carpet-Bombing’2015.12.05
Trump Proposes Bombing Oil Fields2015.11.13

Pro-Torture Multiple Candidates Endorse Torture2016.02.06
Trump Is A Fan Of Torture2015.11.23

Anti-Women Trump Guts VAWA Grants2017.01.19
GOP Opposed Renewing VAWA2012.03.14
Anti-ERA States Are Almost Entirely Republican

Anti-Legalization House Republicans Fight Legalization Efforts2014.07.31
GOP Still Opposes Pot Legalization2014.03.07
Republicans Surveyed Favor Ongoing Prohibition2013.10.22

Anti-Consumer Trump Pledges To End Dodd-Frank2017.01.30
GOP Fights Consumer Protections2016.11.20
Republicans Fully Against Regulating Banks2010.07.15
GOP Entirely Against Wall Street Reform2010.06.30

Anti-Sex Education GOP-Controlled States Against Sex Ed2013.04.29

Anti-Transparency Trump Labels Press ‘Opposition Party’2017.01.27
Trump Orders NPS Blackout2017.01.24
House Proposes Punishing Chamber Broadcasts2016.12.27

Anti-Ethics House GOP Attempted to Gut Ethics Office2017.01.03

Anti-Decency Republican Voters Elect Donald Trump2016.07.19

Anti-Common Sense GOP Silences Warren In Sessions Hearing2017.02.08
Trump Nominates Worst Candidates Ever2017.02.07
Republicans Favor Useless $15 Billion Wall2017.01.28

Final Notes

None of the above consists of “investigative reporting”, and none of it is shocking or surprising. Elected Republicans have been uncannily open and honest about their efforts to be the worst party. All of the stories listed above simply cite what Republicans have said from their halls of power or during their campaigns. They vote publicly in favor of horrible policy, and vehemently oppose good policy. At every turn.

What is (or should be) shocking and surprising is that anyone still votes for them. Yet more than half the people I know — friends, family, and neighbors — still regularly vote for Republicans. This is absurd.


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