My Political Platform

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First published 2012.11.23, Updated 2017.07.31

This page tries to delineate my current views on particular political or social issues. It also attempts to show, by linking to older writings and blog entries, how my positions have changed over the years. Use the More menu to navigate this page.

➤ Global Warming / Climate Change

Full statement: Like The Climate, My Position On Climate Change Has Changed

In short: The data is clear that (1) the Earth has been warming for generations, (2) humanity is at least partially responsible for it, and (3) we should take immediate action to counteract our negative influence on the climate. For the long term, this is the single biggest issue our world faces.

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➤ Environmentalism

Protect the environment for the benefit of humans. The ecology is important because we live there. It should be studied, cared for, helped, and kept in a healthy balance. On the other hand, I’m fine with natural selection removing a few weak species from the gene pool once in a while. Humanity is the most important species and therefore should be protected above all others.

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➤ Guaranteed Basic Income

Full statement: Guaranteed Basic Income » My Position

In short: Providing a basic income to all citizens is an immensely expensive proposal, so much so that I doubt it will be seriously considered in U.S. politics for at least a generation. However, I believe it could provide the lone viable solution for massive job loss due to automation. In the end, I think the benefits would outweigh any negative effects.

➤ Two-Party System

I believe the currently accepted two-party monopoly on U.S. politics is the biggest roadblock to almost all reasonable solutions to every other problem we face.

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➤ Globalization

Eventually, the entire globe will have to become some sort of “one nation” with various regional governments. It’s not only logical for the fair treatment of all humanity, but it’s probably inevitable. However, now is not the time, because we aren’t ready for it. I estimate at least four more generations need to be born and die before full “globalization” should take place.

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➤ Gun Control / Gun Rights

I believe the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is inviolable as it stands, that American citizens should have the right to own and carry weapons. However, real life has proven that many of us aren’t responsible enough to do so without qualification. Because their actions infringe upon the rights of the rest of us (the intrinsic right to not get shot, which sadly isn't mentioned in the Constitution), I’m in favor of various restrictions, such as age limits, required (and regular) safety courses, and even safety tests — much like driving exams. Yes, this makes me a moderate, and prevents me from being a full-blown Libertarian.

And yes, I realize that these might require that the Second Amendment be amended or replaced.

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➤ War / Peace

Full-blown pacifism is idiotic, or at best self-destructive, because there is always someone out there willing to harm you. If you believe it’s immoral to fight back, to defend yourself, then you’re just asking for injury. It’s a good and healthy thing to defend yourself, your family, your property. And by extension, it’s a good thing to defend your friends, your country, and the helpless from attack.

This does not mean the U.S. should commit troops to wars all over the world, many of which do not even affect us indirectly.

Important note: criticism, cut-downs, insults, etc. are not the same things as “attack”. It’s never okay to respond to mere words with physical violence.

➤ Euthanasia / The Right To Die

Full statement: My Position On The Right To Die

In short: No government, religion, family member, or any other person or group should have control over whether an individual lives or dies. Current U.S. law could be described as “forced life”. It is unconscionable to me that people who certain to die of painful and drawn-out illnesses are prohibited from ending their own lives. Even in cases where someone is not in pain, I can see no legitimate argument that anyone has a right to force them to live. Everyone should have the right to end his or her own life, with or without medical help.

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➤ Abortion

Full statement: My Position On Abortion

In short: Though I was once pro-forced-birth, I since came to the conclusion that every argument I had against abortion was fallacious. I have yet to come across a convincing one. I think it is immoral to force a woman to be pregnant or give birth against her will. Notably, the only way to reduce abortions is to reduce unwanted pregnancies, and there are known ways of doing so.

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➤ Healthcare

The problem isn’t that some are uninsured. The problem is that prices are too high — we spend more per capita on health care than any other nation, yet we’re not the healthiest or happiest, by a long shot. Finding ways to insure the uninsured is fixing a symptom, not the problem. Let’s find out why the prices are so artificially high and then work on those causes.

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➤ Ethnicity / Racism

Every human was descended from the same ancestor, according to every origin story I’ve heard — including evolution. We’re all of one race. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is — because humans are faulty and tend to pass on their faulty ideas to their offspring and through their institutions and governments.

Genetic science is clear: humans are of one species, with no races. There is more genetic variance within each perceived race than between one “race” and another. If you lined up every human in the world, sorted by a particular feature (darkest to lightest skin, or widest to narrowest nose, as two examples), there would be no point in the line at which you could say one person was different from the person next to them in that respect.

If I must have a view here, it’s to be intolerant of those who exhibit racist behavior. Choosing to treat others as less than oneself due to perceived differences in “race” is outlandishly absurd.

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➤ Immigration

Every person in the United States (and indeed the entire two continents of the Americas) is descended from immigrants of one kind or another, comprising every ethnic group and language group on the planet. The only ones who didn’t push out or assimilate with someone else were the very first people who got here. Despite centuries of hating the new group and dishonestly characterizing them, the nation is stronger for it. It’s time to realize this and shuck off the fear and anger.

As for the current situation, we can’t feasibly deport millions of illegal immigrants who are already here. It would cost less and be better for everyone concerned if we allowed them citizenship. On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense for a nation constantly involved in at least one war to have porous borders.

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➤ Same-Sex Marriage / LGBT Rights

I wrote in 2002: “Homosexuality — a hot topic in these times — is considered ‘wrong’ or ‘evil’ in the eyes of many religions, especially the more conservative of faiths. This, however, is irrelevant in a political arena. If you, personally, believe it is a sin, then keep yourself from engaging in such practices. When asked for your opinion, feel free to state that you believe it is wrong. But stray far from judging another human being for practicing what they believe to be their right. If two men, or two women, wish to engage in sexual congress with one another, the law of the land should not prevent this, as long as the act is consensual, and is not violating someone else’s rights.” My position hasn’t changed since then.

Further, fundamentalist Christians who quote Lev. 20:13 against today’s gays and lesbians should be prepared to advocate all the commands in Leviticus — or else immediately accuse themselves of hypocrisy.

People should not be denied services or rights based on their sexual orientation, regardless of how repugnantly anyone views their lifestyles.

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➤ Transgender

Full statement: Why I’m Pro-Trans

In short: There are zero good reasons to be anti-trans, and no good reason to remain neutral or silent on the issue. I fully advocate for transgender rights, both with public statements and with donations to legal advocacy groups.

➤ Religion

Feel free to study and exercise any religion that you like — as long as it’s not violating other people's rights. But recognize that yours isn’t the only religion protected by the First Amendment in this country, and that the government is protected from all of them.

While organized religion in the U.S. has historically been behind some huge progressive moves (including abolition, civil rights, and helping the poor), today it’s more often the opposite, resisting almost any change that might possibly be associated with progressivism, science, or liberalism. In a few cases, religion is behind the legalized homicide of children.

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➤ Judicial Activism

Judicial activism is welcome in cases where authorities, laws, or government agencies aren’t following the letter or spirit of the constitution. In those cases, it’s someone in power speaking up for the powerless, as in civil rights cases. Many times, however, it’s simply a case of a judge promoting their own personal beliefs above the law.

In general, judges should be guided by the law and the constitution on which the law rests, both the letter and the spirit thereof, not by their own views. If a judge thinks a law or the constitution is inadequate or incorrect, he or she can lobby to correct that through the normal processes just like anyone else.

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➤ Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana isn’t hurting anyone in any way that can’t be alleviated by making it legal, yet it’s taxing our justice and legal systems. Law enforcement in this country makes a pot-related arrest every 42 seconds, comprising about five percent of all arrests (source). More than 12 percent of all state and federal inmates are serving time for marijuana, costing taxpayers more than a billion dollars every year and crowding already filled facilities.

Marijuana smoking should be banned in all places that tobacco use is prohibited: planes, theaters, restaurants, stores, public transportation, etc., mainly because it stinks to high heaven, and of course should be taxed and controlled, similarly to how alcohol and tobacco are currently governed.

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➤ Minimum Wage

Minimum wage laws are essentially a good thing — without them, businesses have a proven track record of keeping salaries too low for even poverty-level living. But raising them too often or too much hurts the middle class (prices rise, while middle class salaries do not).

Additionally, the cost of living is dramatically different in various parts of the nation. It doesn’t make sense for the minimum wage to be the same in Seattle as it is in Hugo, Oklahoma, or the same in New York City as it is in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

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➤ Daylight Saving Time

It plain doesn’t make sense, and causes more harm than good. Most of the world doesn’t observe it and it’s time the U.S. stopped too.

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➤ States Rights

I believe it’s time to stop thinking of the U.S.A. as many dozens of separate states (“state” is synonymous with nation or country) and think more in terms of one nation with various regions.

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➤ The Economy

I’ve lost my faith in free market capitalism, due to its inherent classism and because, while anyone can become successful, everyone can’t, and the free market makes no allowance for those who fall through the cracks.

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➤ Taxes

With my primary goal being to make life a little less difficult for the poor and lower-middle class, I favor a more progressive income tax system, with “income” being redefined to include capital gains, dividends, etc. — the kinds of income that the poor rarely have access to.

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