I Can Do Better

A Personal Motto

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Published 2014.07.08, Updated 2017.12.31

I can be kinder, more responsible, more moderate, better informed, and more decisive.

Like My Code Of Conduct, this motto is meant to apply to anyone’s life.

I haven’t met anyone who can’t do better at something. If you’re already as responsible as you can be, as kind as you can be, and as happy as you can be, then you can work on something else.

You might be an expert at something. Work on something else.

Moderation is a tripping point for many people. They work too hard and don’t relax enough. Or they’re kind to one person or group of people at the expense of others. Or they’re very decisive but not always fully informed.

The point of the motto is a reminder that I’m not perfect, and a reminder that we have the capacity to improve.

I’ve been perfect in moments and maybe you have too. There are times when all the cogs seem to come together just right and I respond correctly to every stimulus. Some call this being “in the zone”. It feels amazing when it happens. Most of the time this is not the case.

If you think you have the big things straightened out, work on the small things, some of which I mentioned in a poem — I Can Do Better, written a month before this page. Things like sitting up straighter or speaking more clearly. Maybe you have no trouble with the small things in life but balk at the big changes. Work on that.

Here are some things I do daily in which I can improve — and these are just off the top of my head (you can make your own list):

If it helps, realize that our actions affect the world around us, including other people. If you improved one tiny thing in your life (ceased biting your nails, for example), maybe no one would notice. But chances are, someone would notice. Now imagine that the other person improved one small thing in her life too (say, eating less fried food). It’s not a stretch, but think of the positive vibes that would come from every person you know changing one bit of their lives for the better.

The end point here is the world. The cumulative effect of seven billion people each changing small things (or big things, in some cases) about themselves — improving — is impossible to calculate, but I guarantee it won’t be a negative effect.

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