Visual Representations

Of Climate Change

Copyright 2014 by Wil C. Fry

Published 2014.09.27, Updated 2017.07.31


Temperature trend, 1950-2013 — source (NASA)

Land + Ocean Climate Change Comparison — source (Berkeley Earth)

Land + Ocean Climate Change: Effect of Sea Ice — source (Berkeley Earth)

Land + Ocean Climate Change — source (Berkeley Earth)

Global Surface Temperatures (land & ocean) — source (NASA)
(Original graph is interactive)

Global temperature data — source (NASA)

Sea Level

Sea Level Changes, ground data & satellite data — source (CSIRO / NASA)
(Right graph is interactive on NASA site)

Sea Level Change — (source: CLS/Cnes/Legos)

Change in Mean Sea Level, inches — source (Reuters)
(Original graph is interactive; I chose Galveston Pier 21 for my screenshot)

U.S. spending on sand dumped at shorelines — source (Reuters)

Value of Property Covered By National Flood Insurance Program, 1980-2013
source (Reuters)


Arctic Sea Ice, 1979-2013, average September extent — source (NASA / NSIDC)
(Original graph is interactive)

Land Ice, 2002-2014, mass — source (NASA)
(Original graphs are interactive)

Greenhouse Gases

Global CO₂ Emissions — source (Berkeley Earth)

Carbon Dioxide Concentration, direct measurements — source (NASA / NOAA)
(Original graph is interactive)

Carbon Dioxide Concentration, indirect measurement — source (NASA / NOAA)

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