10 Axioms That Shall Direct Me

circa 1997, by Wil C. Fry.

Updated 2017.09.02

I wrote this list in the late 1990s after having been deeply disappointing in life, after others had taken advantage of me, and as I saw my life heading in a skewed direction. I can’t say that I ever followed it perfectly; I was simply trying to write my own set of rules.

It has since been superceded by My Code of Conduct.

1. Keep Paying Cash

(live debt free)

2. Keep The Edge

(do everything I do to the best of my ability)

3. Keep Thinking Before Acting

(consider the consequences of all actions)

4. Keep Improving My Mind And Body

(read, write, imagine, exercise)

5. Keep Learning From The Past

(every failure can teach a lesson)

6. Keep Trusting

(trust everyone once, then f—k ‘em)

Exceptions: if it involves any of the following, then don't trust at all:

7. Keep Smiling

(enjoy the simple things)

8. Keep Quiet

(honesty is usually the best policy; at other times use tact)

There are some things that should not be discussed or mentioned in certain situations, and sometimes keeping silent and listening will be of more profit than speaking at all.

9. Keep Friends

(offend no one unnecessarily; understand the benefits of current friends and cultivate new friends)

10. Keep Being Flexible

(avoid following a particular axiom when it conflicts with the directions of my heart)

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