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Sasakwa Vikings Football

Fall 2007

Class C, District 4 (1-9, 1-7)

District games in bold; ALL CAPS indicate opponent from Seminole County

Aug. 30, 2007: lost AT Wetumka 48-0
Game ended on "mercy-rule," early in fourth quarter
Game 1 Stats

Sept. 7, 2007: lost AT Kinta 62-14
Game ended on "mercy-rule" in 4th quarter
Game 2 Stats

Sept. 14, 2007: lost to White Oak 56-6
Game ended on "mercy-rule" in 4th quarter
Game 3 Stats

Sept. 20, 2007: lost AT MAUD 50-0
Game ended on "mercy-rule" in 4th quarter
Game 4 Stats

Sept. 28, 2007: beat Bokoshe 56-54
(Broke seven-game losing streak)
Game 5 Stats

Oct. 5, 2007: lost AT Bluejacket 36-35
Game 6 Stats

Oct. 12, 2007: lost to Webbers Falls 32-20
Game 7 Stats

Oct. 18, 2007: lost AT Midway 40-0
Game 8 Stats

Oct. 26, 2007: lost to Arkoma 58-14
Game 9 Stats

Nov. 1, 2007: lost to Agra 40-2
Fifth consecutive loss (Senior Night)
Game 10 Stats


2Taul LivesayRB/QB105'7"145
4Hiram "Rowdy" RoulstonWR115'9"155
5Chris AllenTE/RB106'0"175
7John ChoateQB115'10"160
10Kyle TuckerRB125'8"175
12/35Miguel SanchezOL105'10"296
13James O'BrienTE115'11"180
22Jesse WilliamsWR 95'7"135
28/21Cody CellarsOL105'8"155
33/12Almon Epley
35/15Mike JonesTE 95'9"165
44Dillion SchafferRB/WR 96'0"155
52/40Josh AxsomWR115'2"135
57Lucian WheelerOL106'0"220
60/80Sung HanWR125'10"145
65/64Shane DentonOL 95'5"165
66/88Jesper JohannessonWR125'11"155
72Todd JohnstonOL125'9"180
73Josh ComerOL106'0"265
77Landon BrownOL 95'8"265
80/8Leith DavisWR 95'10"150
81Jannis Zahrte
(German exchange student)
Caalond Johnson (80)TE125'10"185
Adam Foran (33/8)WR 95'3"110
Phillip Aguilera
(If two jersey numbers: first is red jersey; second is white jersey)

Coaches, etc.:
Stanley Scott, head coach
Rev. Clarence Prevost, asst. coach, school board president
Ashton Livesay, asst. coach
Ed White, asst. coach

Managers: Jeanine Wheeler, Cora Davis, Celeste Palmer,
Allissa Frair, Raelyn Thomas, Lacey Gore, Hali House

Statisticians: Kyra Cargill, Shayla Medaris, Linda Epley,
Ashton Thompson