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Little River Conference
2009 All-Star Games

(Basketball, March 3, 2009)
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Each basketball season, the All-Stars of the Little River Conference (LRC) play games against the All-Stars of the East Central Conference (ECC), usually at Seminole State College's field house. Below are the results from the girls' and boys' All-Star games from March 3, 2009.

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Box Score
1st 2nd 3rd 4th FINAL
LRC 14 11 16 17 58
ECC 19 15 12 17 63

LRC Roster
(Name, School, points, fouls)
Amanda Hicks, Mason, 16 pts
Megan Robinson, Paden, 11 pts (1f)
Veronica Allen, Paden, 9 pts (2f)
Daisha Chesser, New Lima, 6 pts (1f)
Kayla Hickman, Earlsboro, 5 pts (1f)
Carrie Pierce, Bowlegs, 4 pts (2f)
Megan Maloy, Earlsboro, 3 pts (2f)
Bethanie Hardy, Macomb, 3 pts
Courtney Sears, Macomb, 1 pt (1f)
Khanaa Kincade, Strother (2f)
Iesha Bear, Mason (1f)
Nikki Bear, Mason (1f)
Bianca Gutierrez, Earlsboro
Kelly Jones, New Lima
Brenae Russell, Strother
* Kodi Morrison, Varnum
* Kelsi Vass, Varnum
* Morgan Satawake, Varnum
* Devin Satawake, Varnum
* Bailee Cartwright, Moss
* Kyra Underwood, Moss
* Caitlyn Ramirez, Moss
* Nikki Nail, Sasakwa
* Jacklyn Nail, Sasakwa
* C.J. Palmer, Sasakwa
* Cerissa Palmer, Sasakwa
* Wynter Wind, Sasakwa
Jason McVeigh, Strother
Tom Webb, Paden

ECC Roster

Jalissa Council, Weleetka, 19 pts
Corrie Warrior, Wetumka, 12 pts (1f)
Laramie Mims, Weleetka, 7 pts (1f)
Nikita Miller, Weleetka, 5 pts
Kimber Williamson, Weleetka, 4 pts (1f)
Kay Sanders, Maud, 3 pts (2f)
Ashton Dennis, Allen, 3 pts (1f)
Chelsea Hill, Allen, 2 pts (2f)
Raven Stallin, Wetumka, 2 pts (2f)
Kaylee Britt, Wetumka, 2 pts (2f)
Desiree James, Butner, 2 pts (1f)
Carley Collard, Allen, 2 pts
Cherrish Fletcher, Maud (2f)
Carrie Hill, Allen
Jeff Parnell, Maud
Gina Sanders, Wetumka

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Box Score
1st 2nd 3rd 4th FINAL
LRC 28 20 29 32 109
ECC 13 23 28 15 79

LRC Roster

Patrick Bryan, Earlsboro, 17 pts (2f)
Rexton Hailey, New Lima, 14 pts
Dillon Worley, Mason, 11 pts
Michael Wind, Sasakwa, 11 pts (1f)
Seth Barkhimer, New Lima, 9 pts (1f)
Darien Carter, Bowlegs, 8 pts
Kolin Jones, Earlsboro, 7 pts (1f)
James Turney, Macomb, 6 pts (2f)
Bobby Hickman, Earlsboro, 5 pts (1f)
Chad Cook, Varnum, 5 pts (1f)
Deodrick Thomas, Paden, 5 pts
Kyle Berryhill, Moss, 5 pts
Mikey Montgomery, Mason, 2 pts (1f)
Eric Slaughter, Strother, 2 pts (1f)
Dakota Little, Strother (1f)
Brent Griffin, Sasakwa
Matt Riggs, Strother

ECC Roster

John Billy, Wetumka, 12 pts
Blake Wallace, Wetumka, 11 pts
Reece Lewis, Allen, 8 pts (2f)
Brett Tiger, Weleetka, 8 pts (2f)
Caleb Smith, Weleetka, 5 pts (1f)
Durell Fulbright, Butner, 5 pts (1f)
Gage Keesee, Butner, 5 pts (1f)
Chris Wolfe, Maud, 5 pts
Cameron Peters, Weleetka, 4 pts (1f)
Chey Wind, Butner, 4 pts (1f)
Daven Baker, Wetumka, 4 pts
Tony Hodnett, Weleetka, 4 pts
Brett Edens, Allen, 2 pts (1f)
Taylor Ross, Allen, 2 pts
Kyle Bencoma, Weleetka (1f)
Jake Christianson, Maud
Richie Peters, Weleetka

(* Selected players did not participate, since their teams,
the Varnum Lady Whippets, Moss Lady Pirates, and Sasakwa Lady
Vikings, were still playing in the State Basketball Tournament.)

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