Little River Conference

2007 All-Star Games

(Basketball, Feb. 27, 2007)

GIRLS           BOYS

Each basketball season, the All-Stars of the Little River Conference (LRC) play games against the All-Stars of the East Central Conference (ECC), usually at Seminole State College’s field house.

Below are the results from the girls’ and boys’ All-Star games from Feb. 27, 2007.

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Box Score
1st 2nd 3rd 4th FINAL
LRC 15 10 15 25 65
ECC 8 13 25 14 60

LRC Roster (Name, School, # points)

Angel Davis, New Lima, 14 points
Kelsi Vass, Paden, 12 points
Mandy Mitchell, Macomb, 8 points
Courtney Hobia, New Lima, 7 points
Kristy Hill, Bowlegs, 5 points
Ashlee Hailey, New Lima, 5 points
Kodi Morrison, Varnum, 4 points
Sheena Fixico, New Lima, 3 points
Keri Rowan, Mason, 3 points
Calli Wood, Strother, 2 points
Kim Lena, Varnum, 2 points
Megan Maloy, Earlsboro
Jessica Daskalakis, Moss
Meagan Machado, Strother
C.J. Palmer, Sasakwa

Mark Maloy, Earlsboro
Tom Webb, Paden

ECC Roster

Stefanie Hodnett, Weleetka, 11 points
Jalissa Council, Butner, 10 points
Lorissa Skelton, Allen, 8 points
DeAndra James, Butner, 8 points
Roselynn Simpson, Butner, 7 points
Raven Stallin, Wetumka, 4 points
Rachel Johnson, Wetumka, 4 points
Sierra Stacy, Maud, 2 points
Danli Mills, Allen, 2 points
Kaleb White, Wetumka, 2 points
Caitlin Woodward, Allen
Nikki Hodnett, Weleetka
Nikita Miller, Weleetka
Amanda Shipley, Weleetka
Jerrica Mullicane, Allen
Lindsay Coleman, Maud

Jason Price, Butner
Chad Ward, Wetumka

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Box Score
1st 2nd 3rd 4th FINAL
LRC 23 29 24 35 111
ECC 23 8 28 17 76

LRC Roster

Colten Brooksher, New Lima, 12 points
Zac Glass, Strother, 12 points
Chip Montgomery, Mason, 11 points
Dillon Worley, Mason, 10 points
Brian Kader, Strother, 10 points
Mike Willett, Macomb, 9 points
Corey George, Moss, 9 points
Stan Stapp, Moss, 8 points
Caleb Crenshaw, Paden, 8 points
Dale Montgomery, Mason, 7 points
Nicholas Plahn, Paden, 6 points
Jonathan Allen, New Lima, 5 points
Dustin Orr, Paden, 4 points
Terry Cellars, Sasakwa
Cory Pringle, Bowlegs
*Quentin Creek, Earlsboro
*Jo Jon Smith, Earlsboro
*Damon Atkinson, Varnum
*Delaney Pennock, Varnum

Mike McGaha, Strother
Bo Thomason, Sasakwa

ECC Roster

Tony Hodnett, Weleetka, 21 points
Justin Groves, Butner, 11 points
Brandon Postoak, Allen, 10 points
Cameron Peters, Weleetka, 10 points
Derek Ross, Allen, 8 points
Kendrick King, Wetumka, 8 points
Preston Frazier, Allen, 6 points
Travis Tiger, Wetumka, 2 points
Rylan Hicks, Weleetka, 2 points
Brandon Dodson, Maud, 2 points
Corby King, Allen
Ryan Postoak, Allen
Seth Winters, Wetumka
Billie Ogle, Weleetka
Steffan Jasna, Maud

Jon Hadley, Butner
Matt Ross, Allen

(* Four selected players did not participate, since their teams, the Earlsboro Wildcats and the Varnum Whippets, were still playing in the State Basketball playoffs.)

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