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28th Annual Bowlegs
Invitational Tournament

High School Basketball
(Jan. 16-21, 2006)

The 28th Annual Bowlegs Invitational Tournament was held Jan. 16 through 21, 2006, in Bowlegs, Oklahoma. The administrators at Bowlegs Schools invited basketball teams from several other schools in the region to participate. This page contains pictures and information from the tournament.

(All photographs copyright 2006 by Wil C. Fry)


Maud Tigers
2nd Place

Wetumka Chieftains
3rd Place

Dustin Redskins


Bowlegs Lady Bison
2nd Place

Wetumka Lady Chieftains
3rd Place

Sasakwa Lady Vikings

(More Pictures from the 2006 Tournament)


The first round games of the tournament were held on Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 16-17, 2006, featuring teams from Boley, Bowlegs, Dustin, Graham-Weleetka, Maud, New Lima, Sasakwa, Wellston, and Wetumka.

First Round Girls Games:
Wetumka Lady Chieftains beat Wellston JV Lady Tigers 65-18
Sasakwa Lady Vikings beat Boley Lady Bears 64-31
Dustin Lady Redskins beat Maud Lady Tigers 45-30
Bowlegs Lady Bison beat Graham Lady Chieftains 79-27

First Round Boys Games:
Maud Tigers beat Wellston JV Tigers 72-24
Dustin Redskins beat New Lima JV Falcons 59-56
Sasakwa Vikings beat Bowlegs Bison 51-38
Wetumka Chieftains beat Graham Chieftains 62-54

The second round games were held on Thursday and Friday, Jan. 19-20, 2006, featuring four games in the winners' side of the bracket (WB), and four games on the losers' side of the bracket (LB). Each of the four teams that lost for the second time was eliminated from the tourney. The teams that lost for the first time headed to the 3rd place games; the teams that won for the second time moved to the championship games, and the teams that won for the first time moved to the consolation games.

Second Round Girls Games:
(WB) Wetumka Lady Chieftains beat Sasakwa Lady Vikings 67-57
(WB) Bowlegs Lady Bison beat Dustin Lady Redskins 53-43
(LB) Boley Lady Bears beat Wellston JV Lady Tigers 42-29
(LB) Maud Lady Tigers beat Graham Lady Chieftains 60-29

Second Round Boys Games:
(WB) Maud Tigers beat Dustin Redskins 59-45
(WB) Wetumka Chieftains beat Sasakwa Vikings 67-60
(LB) New Lima JV Falcons beat Wellston JV Tigers 63-30
(LB) Graham Chieftains beat Bowlegs Bison 51-49

So, after the second round, four teams went home: the Bowlegs Bison and the Graham Chieftains, on the boys' side; and the Wellston JV Lady Tigers and Graham Lady Chieftains on the girls' side. The six final games were held on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2006, beginning at 12 noon and lasting until 11 p.m. At noon, Maud and Boley met in the girls' consolation game. Then, at 1:30 p.m., New Lima and Graham faced off in the boys' consolation game. At 3 p.m. and 6:15 p.m., the third-place games were held, both featuring Sasakwa versus Dustin. The two championship games were held at 7:40 p.m. (girls) and 9 p.m. (boys), featuring both Wetumka teams, the Bowlegs girls and the Maud boys.

Girls Consolation Game:
Maud Lady Tigers beat Boley Lady Bears 67-54

Boys Consolation Game:
New Lima JV Falcons beat Graham Chieftains 69-63

Girls Third Place Game:
Sasakwa Lady Vikings beat Dustin Lady Redskins 56-43

Boys Third Place Game:
Dustin Redskins beat Sasakwa Vikings 56-45

Girls Championship:
Bowlegs Lady Bison beat Wetumka Lady Chieftains 69-54

Boys Championship:
Maud Tigers beat Wetumka Chieftains 45-39 (OT)

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