Lost Poems

By Wil C. Fry

Updated 2016.06.08

Over the years, I lost many songs/poems, due to not being very organized, to moving often, and other reasons. In several cases, the originals were handed over to someone and never returned to me. In several other cases, I eventually found the originals or at least a copy. The ones I know about are listed here.

(unknown)In The NightStill missing
1984-5FighterFound 2000.10
1984-5The MoonFound 2000.10
1988.04.24What Did They Want?Found 2001.04.19
Found again 2014.12.07
1988.09.11UntitledFound 2014.12.07
1989.01.18Visions of GodFound
1989.12.05Why Am I A Fool?Found
1989.circaJoe’ SongFound 2000.11.29
1990.01.18The Innocence of a ChildFound 2014.10.23
1990.02.06A Reason to LiveFound 2014.10.23
1990.02.19Foundations of SandStill missing
1990.02.??UntitledFound 2016.04
1990.04Hot In The SummerStill missing
1990.05Slurpin’ & Burpin’Still missing
1991.06.19House In OrderFound 2000.11
1991.09.21Again, I haveFound
1991.11.19Angel In Human FormFound 2001.04.19
1992.03.05So It SeemsFound 2001.04.19
1992.04.05A New StartFound 2001.04.19
1992.04.20the callFound 2000.10.30
1992.04.24By My SideFound 2000.12.02
1992.09.05Your Warm LoveFound
1992.fallUntitledFound 2000.12.02
1992-93:UntitledStill missing
1993Now There Is A LightStill missing
1993.springA Man DyingFound
1993.10.10Are We Deaf?Found
1993.11.10Give Up MyselfFound
1994.10.18I’m WanderingFound 2001.04.19
1996.12.06, 08:49this is notFound 2013
1997.08.21, 03:00UntitledFound 2014.09.14
1998.02.07, 10:31UntitledFound 2015.01.17
2001.07.30, 21:37Fly Away AgainFound 2015.01.19
2014.02.05Fully ClearFound 2016.05.28