Remember That Time

By Wil C. Fry, 2017.03.10, 11:49

(Copyright 2017 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

Bathing in brown water
Free to anyone with cash
On the grave of ecosystems
That your bulldozers smashed

    Remember that time
    You said it’d be fine
    I gulped cheap whiskey
    You sniffed import wine

The irony wasn’t lost on me
When computers count the votes
But you voted to defund science
And govern from Yahweh’s notes

    Remember that time
    You said it’d be fine
    I was behind on rent
    You didn’t have the time

Because he grew a plant
One man lives in a cell
His white friends smoked it too
And they’re doing very well

    Remember that time
    You said don’t complain
    You garaged your car and
    I walked in the rain

Little girls doing math
Women work outside the home
Goes against everything that
You have loved or known

    Remember that time
    You said it’d be okay
    You count dividends
    While I slept in the day

Valuing coal and petrol fumes
Though breathing is my right
You laughed at windmills and
Wonder where the sun goes at night

    Remember that time
    You said it’d be cool
    I couldn’t learn science
    ‘Cause you put God in school

Cutting taxes on the wealthy
Because money trickles down
And keep raising the debt to
War against people that’s brown

    Remember that time
    You said it’d be fine
    Yet everything you do
    Causes life to decline

Begun in late 2016, with just the first chorus, which I hummed in my head to the tune of “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town”. Added other stanzas in February 2017, and then finished on the listed date.

The whole idea of this poem is that I finally figured out how people can be Republicans. It requires the kind of person who thinks “Everything is fine for everyone, because nothing bad is happening to me.”

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