Chattering Frauds

By Wil C. Fry, 2017.05.26, 17:00

(Copyright 2017 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

Playtime is over, you chattering frauds
It’s time to stop pretending that there are gods
(I said quietly, surrounded by soul-saving squads)

Time to stop drilling, you profitophile freaks
The Earth is sick from licking up your leaks
(I convulsed with shame as I bought gas this week)

The governor said Jesus wants sentinels to check kids’ genitals
‘Cause gendered urinals are a big deal to spirits invisible
(And at the same time he has the gall to hate liberals)

Publicly praising the pusillanimous POTUS
Believing he'll successfully promote us
Giddy with glee they failed to take notice
Of the Dear John missive he already wrote us

Playtime is over, you chattering frauds
You prove to me daily that there are no gods
(A little louder now, noticing some nods)

Anatomically impossible brain shelters
Help explain denial of global swelters
(I’d like to visit the Arctic before we melt her)

Increasingly convinced that few truly believe
Just drop the facade of pretending to be naive
Whatever you do, cease the efforts to deceive

Playtime is over, you chattering frauds
You’ve truly convinced me there are no gods
(No need for quiet anymore, with overwhelming odds)

The first three lines popped into my head on May 12. I added more later.

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