By Wil C. Fry, 2014.09.29, 23:25

(Copyright 2014 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

It needs some time to refine
This idea, this work of mine
I knew I’d need to proofread
The words my brain did bleed

I want the text to be tight
To stand up under the light
It will be ready to be read
Some years before I am dead

I’ll research every source
And hope I stay the course
I will consider every word
So a meaning will be heard

Every line of the first stanza has 28 characters. The second, 27. The third, 26. (If you include spaces and punctuation.)

“This work of mine” (line 2) refers to my announcement that I was an atheist, which I made in February 2015.

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