I Want To (Revisited)

By Wil C. Fry, 200508.14, 05:12

Copyright 2005 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.

I want to hold you as you cry and release the burdens you’ve carried
And then lift your chin so I can see your earth-moving eyes
Those orbs that portray every meaning I’ve ever wanted to know
I want to lightly touch your face and tell you that you are safe
You are loved
You are mine
I want to
I want to move with you to the rhythm of every song that’s ever been played
And lift you over the storms that shake the souls of mankind
And then tear down every wall that’s protected my heart
I want to lay bare the wounds
I want to reach inside myself and find only you
As the rain drizzles down around us
Washing us deeply clean
To see your genuine smile will cleanse my soul
And whatever it takes to draw that from your
Exquisite face, then that’s what I want to do
I want to prove to you that no barrier
Of distance, of Time, of Age, or Culture
Can seperate the hearts that are truly bound together
I want to end my search
I want my Destination
To be you
Can you think of anything else
That WE want to do?

A remake of I Want To, from 1999.

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