Drink ‘Til You Drop

By Wil C. Fry, Sept. 8, 2001

Copyright © 2001 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.

“Exorcise the demons,”
the psychiatrist said to me
“If you can’t control yourself
Then you’ll never be free”
He tried a little counseling
And some therapy on for size
None of it was working
So he had to hypnotize
Try the ink blot tests
And reversing roles
But none of this (none of this)
Could save my soul!

Whiskey or beer
I really don’t care
Drink ‘til you drop
Even then don’t stop
You work hard all day
So drink ‘til the night turns gray
All work and no play
And you pissed your life away
    So... Drink, so drink, so drink ‘til you drop

I tried all the churches
To see if they could help me out
I prayed up at the front
While the choir sang ‘n’ shout
Taking notes on the sermons,
I filled five or six books
And I gave all the sinners
A lot of dirty looks
Went to all the socials
And played my Christian part
But when it was all over (all over)
I still had a broken heart!

(repeat chorus)

Found me a good woman
And did everything right
Bought her what I could
Made love to her at night
I thought I had found
What both of us would need
What I never knew was
She could make me bleed
I tried to work it out
But she didn’t seem to care
My brain, my soul, my heart (all gone)
It’s all so unfair!

(repeat chorus)

Never stop!

Copied from my "Darker Blue Notebook".

This was written as a song, not a poem.

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