Will I Ever Know?

By Wil C. Fry, May 31, 2000

Copyright 2000 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.

Did I kill too many brain cells?
Did I hear the perfect rock n roll guitar riff?
Did I write too many depressing poems?
Did I f**k too many skanks?
Did I miss my big chance?
Did I spend too much money on worthless things?
Did I stare into her eyes for too long?
Did I miss too much sleep?
Did I?
Did I idolize the wrong rock star?
Did I take the wrong path?
Did I eat the right foods?
Did I tell too many lies?
Did I take it all too seriously?
Did I keep quiet when I should have said something?
Did I say something when I should have kept quiet?
Did I kick the wrong God in the nuts?
Did I?
(Do I ask too many questions?)

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