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Oh So Close

By Wil C. Fry, July 11, 2000, 01:38

Copyright © 2000 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.

I was oh-so-close
To looking for the overdose
Once again,
I looked back on it all
The harsh word I said to a child
I felt the Edge pulling me again
Teetering, tottering, grasping for a handhold
And youíd have been there to save me
If I hadnít thrown you away...
Another one of my mistakes
But Iím stronger than I was last time
Although I still donít have much to live for
The hope for a brighter tomorrow
The chance to prove that Iím worth it
And I canít bear the thought of hearing no more music
And I still believe in magic
    and love
At least, I want to
I wonder, am I a genius, or am I retarded?
Am I good or evil?
Is there a difference?
One thing I know for sure is that I need some balance
Or I need to live farther from the Edge

Note on original manuscript: Jimi Hendrix was 2 months and 9 days short of his 28th birthday when he died, from ďinhalation of vomit due to barbituate intoxicationĒ. I am, today, that exact same age. Iíve already passed Janisí and Jim Morrisonís ages of death, very recently.

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