Glad She Came Back

(Rap #8)

By Wil C. Fry, May 22, 2000 20:00

Copyright © 2000 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.

She stepped through the door a blast from the past
Somehow uncovering those feelings, the kind that last
Looking down but not beaten
It looked like she hadn’t eaten
For days and nights — the days and nights take their toll
When you’re snorting, cavorting, and f**king, just to roll
Ridin’ trippin’ buzzin’ rollin’ flyin’
I could see that her heart inside, it was dyin’
Looked like she gave up tryin’, but she had on a bold face,
maybe tryin’ to erase the feelin’
That left her reelin’
My heart wasn’t breakin’, ‘cause she already broke it
And I had no love for her, ‘cause she already choked it
That was last year, when she was with me,
then she dissed me, dismissed me
Walked off and forgot to kiss me,
but now I think she might miss me
Why else would she stop by, livin’ on the fly, just to say “hi”?
I don’t think so, it’s too far to go for a five dollar ‘ho’
I never said I was perfect, I never said I was God’s gift to p**sy
But I never got violent, I never got pushy —
with her, I was all mushy, like a wussy
Doin’ what she wanted, I was quiet while she flaunted,
and now my heart is haunted
By those scenes from my life,
when I was stupid enough to want her for a wife
My friends warned me of the strife,
but I was blind, and way too kind
And so I fell behind, and missed all the signs
But there she sat, quiet as a cat when I let her in
and I forgot to mention our previous sins
I didn’t ask her about the whys, wheres and whens
And to be honest, I didn’t hear a word she said,
and I could see by her eyes that her soul was dead
My heart wasn’t breaking, because she had already broke it
I didn’t feel no love for her, because she already choked it
Sometimes, I guess it’s better to see what you’re missing,
than to sit around wishing
And wondering what she’s doing,
who she’s doing, how she’s doing
‘Cause now I know, and I saw her low — maybe it was Fate,
maybe it was the will of God you know
It don’t really matter, ‘cause I’m over her,
I don’ wanna go with her, ho with her, or drop so low with her
I learn from the past, try not to repeat my mistakes,
so go on and raise the stakes
I’ll tell you to go jump in a lake
My heart won’t break, because she already broke it
I won’t feel no love for you, because she already choked it.

Regarding K.L.M., who visited me a few nights ago.

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