By Wil C. Fry, Sept. 7, 1999, 03:03

Copyright © 1999 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.

To travel the world, to see all there is to see
    Would that be enough for me?
I have seen a lot more than I wanted to
And I donít know how much more this tired body
    And soul can take
Skyscrapers and canals
    Bridges, arches, cathedrals and caves where the sun has never shown
    Red wine flowing from ancient bottles
And someone elseís blood splattered on my face
Lovers entwined, college buildings covered in vines
    And trees older than this once great nation
I have held soil in my hands that was
    Once trampled under the feet of samurai children
The beaches are dirty, Lady Libertyís torch has grown dim
And the same filth is in me
    In us
Standing on a cliff overlooking countryside that has seen more than its fair share
    Of struggle
I cry   I hold myself   I shiver   And yet...
I wonder
Is there more to this?
Something more than just a badly written story-line in a low-budget film
Staring out my window onto city streets
Driving past the cemetery full of the bodies of men and women who have
    Lived and died here and there
Standing on barren ground that once was full of vigor
It is my soul   It is my life   It is this world
And it gives rise to one question
Where is the land of our dreams?
Where the water is blue and the air is clean
When is the time I see when I close my eyes?
When children smile and people care
The old letters found in the dusty filing cabinet hold words that used to mean something
    To someone
The crinkled and yellowing photographs upon the sin-stained walls show us a time
    That is gone
But I canít feel that time now
All I can feel is its loss
And I donít want to feel that
But who of us can feel just what we want to feel?
No, it takes more than that,
And thatís what weíre missing
That piece thatís gone now
That piece of my life that maybe I never had, or if I did, then I
    Donít remember it
But I want to
And I want to feel it, not just remember
I want to feel what is in the childís eyes when he sees an unopened present
Or what lovers feel when first they come together
Or what the skydiver feels when he last touches the plane
And even when I do those things
    I feel a loss
As if I know just how empty I will feel the next day
    The next week
The knowledge that it goes away is just too much for these feet
    That have walked for far too long
Iíll give you this:
I have tasted the sweet nectar of brilliant love
Iíve looked past the stars and felt the distance of infinity
I have let the aroma of scented candles seep into my nostrils
    As I take a deep breath
Iíve watched the orange and purple skies as the sun drops into the Sea
But I always know that it will
And Iím always right
    It never lasts, even though I always want it to
That bliss which all men seek
Is not to be found
And I am only one more soul that has walked that road, and found it to be lacking
Please do not disturb this carcass as you pass
It has been disturbed quite
And Enough is

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