I Am Small

(Originally untitled)

By Wil C. Fry, 1996.03.10

Copyright 1996 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.

I am small, I am weak,
cold, dirty, hungry,
tired and hopeless

I am sick, I am poor,
blind, ugly, ashamed,
lost and broken

I am heartbroken
I am lonely
I’m in way over my head

I am rebellious
I am defiant
Angry, and selfish, and cruel, hateful, jealous

I am greedy and ungrateful; covetous.
I am a thief, a glutton, a drunkard, an adulterer
and a fornicator, I am a lawbreaker,
a hedonist, and I am proud.

I am a swine, I am filth,
I am shaking in my skin
I am scarred, I am hurting, I am afraid.

I am awake, I am hoping, I am looking up.
I am searching, I am trying, I am holding on
I am changing, I am moving...

But where?

I referred to this poem 21 years later, in Open Keyhole.

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