the call

By Wil C. Fry, 1992.04.20

Copyright 1992 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.

Grand visions inspired by a voice
An impression that left no choice
“Answer the call”, I heard Him say,
“Enter the field; harvest today”.
Somewhere along the weary way
The voice I heard has gone away

Directions once I saw so clear
Have been covered in this past year
“Renew my sight, oh Lord”, I pray
“Now, let me see the perfect way
Show me again Your plan for me
Peel off the scales so I can see”

Through the trials, I know I’ve grown
Though I’m nothing if on my own
Why He loves me, I just can’t see
The grace of God lavished on me

Now once again, the call I hear
The voice of God reaching my ear
“Where He lead me, I will follow”
With God before me, yes, I’ll go

One of Wil's "Lost Poems". No original document survives. This was printed in a 1992 edition of The Inner Circle Newsletter, and found by Granny Fry on Oct. 30, 2000.

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