Recycle It, Fool

By Wil C. Fry, 1990.05.16

(Copyright © 1990 and 2016 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

“Paper or Plastic?” i heard a young man say,
as i was in Albertson’s one day
the customer he had spoken to looked at him
as if he had committed a sin.
She raised a bony finger, and opened her bony mouth,
Raised her bony voice, and spoke a bony shout
“Plastic POLLUTES our WORLD, young man!”
“So does this” I interrupted, holding up a green bean can
“NO, NO!” she cried “Recycle it FOOL!”
“Well,” i retorted, “you can recycle plastic too”
“Ahhh!” she floundered, foaming at the mouth
(Last winter, i saw
    a bird flying
About that time, the store blew up, and i went home
she just sat there, wiping off her bubbling foam.
“C Yuh!”

Albertson’s was [is?] a supermarket chain. I worked there, on and off, from 1989 through 1994.

From “My Little Pink Book”
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