(My Last Aspiration Seeking Pulverization)

By Wil C. Fry, 1990.07.06

(Copyright 1990 and 2016 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

I’m in a cellar above the ground
I see a rainbow but it’s not round
And all my dreams come crashing down

I’m in the present, but I feel the past
Will I ever find a love that will last?
My life is slow, but it’s gone too fast

At the playground, I’m gone down the slide
But it’s not a game, It’s not a ride
When I reach the end, I have died

There’s dirt in the sky, and stars in the ground
I will soon be lost, Yet once I was found
I once was free, but now I am bound

Out in the freezing sun, burning snow
My map doesn’t show which way to go.
What have I learned? I just don’t know

I feel so exposed, while I hide my heart
I control my whole self, yet just a part
And frozen blood waits to melt my heart


For the undiscerning, “MLASP” is not only an acronym for the sub-title, but “psalm” spelled backward. The nonsense words at bottom are comprised of the first letters of select lines in the poem. IAWAWIOWI is the first letter of the odd-numbered lines. IIMBTIMIA is the first letter of each even-numbered line. AMWIWA is the first letter of the first line of each stanza.

On 1990.07.09, I added the following three lines:

Now heat rains down from the mercy clouds
Soon icy walls begin to melt down
The God of love brings me around

Here is a photo of the original manuscript, including notes from my sisters at bottom (Shari’s note suggested adding the extra lines), and syllable counts in the left column:

And here is a photo of the page in “My Little Pink Book”, with the new lines added:

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