Heaven's Glories

By Wil C. Fry, Sept. 19, 1990

(Copyright © 1990 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

Oh that God would come take us away
forever more to dance and play
No more crying, and no more tears
Only singing, for thousands of years
When he appears, riding a white steed
Disappearing will be our needs
The clouds split, going left and right
Divided by His glorious light
Christ leads warriors in splendor dressed
Those who bowed to Him and were blessed
The final war will there be fought
The victors are those who are Blood-bought
Those who disobeyed and then rebelled
Will on that battleground be felled
Men whose hearts were hard and unplowed
Men not humble, and so very proud
Are destined on that Day, dead to be
No more life to eat from the Tree
Lakes of fire and sulphur will then burn
For those men who God they chose to spurn
Heaven’s glories will await the rest
Who took and passed faith’s simple test
Forever they with Christ will live
‘Cause in love their sins He did forgive

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Poem Title: Heaven's Glories