1990 Poem Index

By Wil C. Fry

(All poems are Copyright 1990 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

Jan. 3:Ready to Work
Jan. 18:The Innocence of a Child[Lost Poem]
Jan. 21:Ready to Go!
Jan. 31:He'll be King

Feb. 5:Hungry
Feb. 6:A Reason To Live[Lost Poem]
Feb. 10:The Finish Line
Feb. 11:Pumping Iron
Feb. 11:Fill the Void
Feb. 19:Foundations Of Sand[Lost Poem]
Feb. 20:God Comes Down
Feb, 25:Wish Upon A Star
Feb. (?):Untitled[Lost Poem]
Feb. 28:Unreality

March 11:If you seek, You will find
March 12:Without Him, Life's just a Grave
March 13:Traditions
March 20:Without the Water

April 7:Free
April 12:Follow The Blind
April 18:If... Then...
April 19:You Have Control
April 24:An Old Man
April 24:(“Elvis, she's alive”)
April 25:Warring With The World
April 25:The Fate of Ft. Worth
April 27:The goatee Man
April 27, 14:40:17:The Fried Chicken
April 30:From Deep Inside Me
April 30:Ho! Hey! What a stinKy DaY!
April 30:Wasted Years, Wasted Tears
April:Hot In The Summer[Lost Poem]

May 1:Frenzied Fashion
May 1:The Beastly Song
May 1:Adventures in pod-pod Land
May 2:What a Drag!
May 2:Georgie Porgie
May 2:Food!
May 2:THE Relationship
May 3:Guess i'll Die
May 4:Toothfairy
May 4:Hair
May 4:Kris
May 4:Advert
May 7:Cosmic RaCE
May 7:Emotional Love
May 8:Life Erosion
May 8:Elvis Angel
May 8:Hide In Him
May 9:Hiding
May 9:The Silent Victor
May 14:Hezekiah
May 16:Recycle It, Fool
May 17:Tomorrow
May 21:Time
May 23:You Are My Rain
May 28:Rose Petals
May:Slurpin’ & Burpin’[Lost Poem]

June 2:Love from Above
June 3:A Lazy Summer Afternoon
June 8:I Saw Your Face
June 10:Sin Of Complacency
June 12:The Bread of Life (See orig. doc.)
June 13:My Psalm
June 14:No One Else
June 18:Oh, Diane
June 22:Sweet Harmonies
June 27:I Don’ wanna Cry
June 29:Double Portion
June 29:The Dirt Clod

July 1:Untitled
July 3:OYCFA
July 4:Frown (“Take Me Down”)
July 5:...Yet Clear To...
July 5:Without Friends
July 6:MLASP
July 10:So we don't sink
July 10:Crumblin' Kingdom
July 12:Only By Prayer
July 15:You Bring Me Peace
July 15:I.D. Card
July:Untitled[Lost Poem]
July:Three Expositions on...[Lost Poem]
July 21:I Can't Thank You Enough
July 23:Your Mighty Hand

Aug. 6:Revoving Door Christians
Aug. 15:Now God Cries
Aug. 20:The Hooooly Spirit(Rap #4)

Sept. 18:The Real God
(Elijah & the prophets of Baal)
Sept. 19:Heaven's Glories
Sept. 25:More In Store

Dec. 12:Kamikaze World


I wrote 92 songs and/or poems in 1990, a record that would stand for 10 years — equal to the previous three years combined, and greater than the next eight years combined. For the first time, I wrote three poems in a single day (April 30), and then four (May 2 and May 4). During the frenzied last few weeks of high school, I penned 33 poems in 30 days, from April 18 through May 17, something that again would not be equalled until 2000.

I wrote 26 poems in May (my old notes say “25”, due to one poem being found later), a one-month record that would stand until June 2000.

Unlike the previous year, I did not write a poem in every month. October and November are noticeably bare. However, Jan. ‘89 through Sept. ‘90 made 21 consecutive months with a poem. That feat was only repeated once more, when I saw 34 consecutive months with poem from 1999-2002.