A Heart So Cold

By Wil C. Fry, May 15, 1989

(Copyright © 1989 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

All my life, Iíve been told that Godís the only way
The only Way to achieve happiness
Iíve believed it since I was a kid
And Iíve seen the people Godís blessed
Iíve been on fire for Him many a time
Iíve witnessed to my friends — being bold
But now somethingís left my life
My heart is growing so cold

I feel the fingers of Satan
like an icy Arctic wind
stealing my soul
What can I do now — how can I win?
with a heart so cold?

Iíve reached out for Jesus, my Savior and Lord
hoping to hear just one encouraging word
But dark, ominous silence is all thatís heard
Iím reaching for an encouraging word
I try to recapture my old power
to revive it like a dying child
I want to have the Holy Ghost Power
But Iím growing cold all the while

I feel the fingers of depression like a dark, stormy cloud
killing my soul
What do I do now — how can I win?
with a heart so cold?

At this time, I considered my poems to be "songs", and most of them were religious in nature; therefore usually requiring a happy ending. This is perhaps the third one of mine in which I didn't force a happy ending.

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