1989 Poem Index

By Wil C. Fry

(All poems are Copyright 1989 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

Jan. 2:Isn't It Enough?
Jan. 16:Depression To Insanity
Jan. 18:Visions of God[Lost Poem]
Feb. 8:Where Were You?
Feb. 15:You Weren't There
Feb. 22:You don't wanna Change
Feb. 24:I Need Some Prayer
March 7:Here To Stay
March 26:Like Father, Like Son
April 15:In My Father's House
April 21:Why Can't we get along?
May 15:A Heart So Cold
May 16:Remember Me
May 17:My Brother In The Lord
June 14:Waiting for the end of the World
June 25:Psalm 61 — Hear My Cry
June 26:I'm So Happy
July 4:The Blaze
July 19:The Battle's Not Over
July 26:More of You
July 28:Preachin’
Aug. 6:Look Up To Your God
Aug. 6:When You Praise
Aug. 14:The Land Of The Free
Aug. 19:I Won’t Turn Away (From Jesus)
Aug. 28:Into My Heart
Aug. 30:Really A Christian
Fall:Untitled[Lost Poem]
Sept. 10:Then Maybe (They'll Believe You)
Sept. 19:I'll Even Die For You
Sept. 24:Gotta Pray
Oct. 1:Praise You!
Oct. 18:Thinkin’ ‘bout Jesus
Oct. 26:In One Ear...
Oct. 27:Could it be?
Nov. 22:The Evolutionists
Dec. 4:In Your Face, Satan
Dec. 5:Why Am I A Fool?[Lost Poem]
Dec. 15, 16:25:The Lord Has Made Me Happy
circa 1989:Joe's Song[Lost Poem]

I wrote 40 “songs”/poems in 1989, nearly a 20% increase from the previous year. This was the first year in which the majority of my poems were completely original (rather than derivative), and the first year that poems began to outnumber “songs”.

Also, significantly, it was the first year I wrote a poem in every single calendar month. I would only do that twice more — in 2000 and 2001.

To my knowledge, it's also the first time I put a time on a poem in addition to the date, with Dec. 15's The Lord Has Made Me Happy.