1987 Poem Index

By Wil C. Fry

(All poems are Copyright 1987 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

N/A:Praise To The Lord
Jan. 8, 1987:The Lion Of Judah
Jan. 8, 1987:The Time Is Here
Jan. 16, 1987:God Loves Us
June 1987:Jesus
Aug. 26, 1987:Follow God's Plan
Aug. 30, 1987:Stay Away From Satan
Sept. 12, 1987:We're Luck To Have You
Sept. 21, 1987:God Is #1
Sept. 25, 1987:Let God Arise
Oct. 18, 1987:Bad Day — God Day (Rap #2)
Dec. 14, 1987:He's Coming
Dec. 17, 1987:Jesus Is There
Dec. 21, 1987:I Thank You For Being You
Dec. 22, 1987:It's Not Too Late!
Dec. 23, 1987:Glorified Jingle Bells
Dec. 29, 1987:Train To Heaven

I wrote 17 “songs” in 1987. Most of them were extremely derivative of the Christian music I listened to at the time, sometimes borrowing entire lines or even entire choruses.