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Like most people, I had always owned a camera of some sort, but never considered myself to be a photographer. That began to change late in 2001, when I took a job at a small newspaper in Oklahoma. I was soon using the company's Sony Mavica digital cameras, which required floppy diskettes.

On March 30, 2002, I bought a Sony Cybershot DSC-P50 (2.1 megapixels). After two years, I upgraded to the Olympus C750UZ (4 megapixels) in May 2004. With nearly full manual controls, I began to take decidedly better photographs, and even won the Oklahoma Press Association's "Photo of the Month" award in July 2004 (for this photo).

Then, in August 2005, I took another leap forward, buying a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT (8.2 megapixels). Soon to folllow were extra lenses and other accessories. In 2007, I added a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi (10 megapixels).

Though I quit the newspaper in 2009, I still loved photography and kept up with it. In February 2012, I added the Canon EOS 60D to my stable, and passed the XTi on to a niece, retiring the XT in the process.

I un-retired the XT in November 2013.

This page formerly listed my gear, but I now have a separate page for that: My Gear.