Killeen Restaurants

For my own reference

Updated 2015.04.19

McDonald's (locations)
McAlister's Deli (location)
Pizza Hut (locations)
Arby's (locations)
Subway (locations)
Bobby Lupo's (location)
KFC (locations)
IHOP (locations)
Yank Sing (location)
Bush's Chicken (locations)
Clem Mikeska's (locations)
Billy Bob's Burgers (locations)
Dairy Queen (locations)
Taco Bell (locations)
Taco Bueno (location)
Little Caesar's (locations)
Papa John's (locations)
Chick-fil-A (locations)
Mooyah's (location)
Golden Corral (location)
Old Chicago (location)
Sonic (locations)
Schoepf's Bar-B-Que (location)
Outback Steakhouse (location)
TGIF (location)
Hunan Palace (location)
Jack in the Box (locations)
Wendy's (locations)
Popeyes (locations)
Denny's (location)
Asian Buffet (locations)
Freddy's (locations)
Black Meg 43 (locations)
• Fv = favorite of ours
• Cnv = Convenient, 15 minutes or less from our house, or close to other things we frequent
• Chp = Cheap, $20 or less
• Fst = Fast, don't feel like we have to wait
• Var = Variety, more than a few meals to choose from
• Des = Dessert available (more than just a cookie)
• O&I = Out & In; availablity of seating as well as to-go food

B = Belton
CC = Copperas Cove
HH = Harker Heights
K = Killeen
RR = Round Rock T = Temple

Disclaimer: This page isn't meant to be a review site, or even an exhaustive list of all the restaurants in the Killeen area. It's simply a list of restaurants that my wife and I have tried — or would like to try — with a few checks and Xs to help us remember stuff about them.