Flickr’s Hard-to-Find Pages

Updated 2017.09.03

Flickr has an increasing number of pages that can’t be reached through normal navigation, or are difficult to find that way. This page lists a bunch of them.

NOTE: Flickr is changing quickly, so some of these URLs will no longer work (I first made this page in 2013, and last updated the links in 2017. If I find a broken one, I’ll remove it (or say it’s dead). If you find such a link, email me:

Photos / Explore

Last 7 Days
(Interesting): (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
(plus alternate sizing)
[Five links removed] (Removed entirely, 2015?)
(Redirect to Camera Roll)
(plus alternate sizing)
[Five links removed] (Removed entirely, 2015?)
(Redirect to Camera Roll)
Creative Commons: (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
Explore: Panda: (Never in site-wide navigation)
Recent Uploads: (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
(Removed entirely May 2013)

Test & Troubleshooting Pages

Farm Test: Test your connection to Flickr
URL Length: Test your network's URL character limit
Downsampling: See how your browser downsamples images
Full range of diagnostics

Other useful links

Site Map: (Removed entirely)
Logout / Sign out:  
My Profile: (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
Reverse Contacts: People who list you as a contact
People Search: (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
Guest Pass History: (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
Find Your Friends: (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
Invite Your Friends: (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
Invite History: (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
Popular Tags: (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
Your All Tags Page
(Never in menus; still accessible here)
(“Your Tags” is now the “alltags” page)
Remove Apps’ Permissions (Normally linked to on this page)
Places: (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
(Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
Flickr Mobile Apps:
(Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
(Redirects to "/tools/")
Fun: Buddies: Lists buddy icons of your contacts
Flickr Mobile:
(Redirect to "home" page)
Do More
Make stuff with your photos
(now redirects to “creator” page)
Badge Creator: Get badge code for your website/blog
Goodies (Removed entirely)
Import Geotags: One-time feature for adding
old geotagged images to Flickr's map
Removed from navigation in 2006 or so.
Give The Gift of Flickr: (Removed from menu Dec. 2012)
(Removed from site May 2013)

URL Hacks

/surf/ Add “/surf/” to the end of any photopage URL, like this:
/me/ Replace the personalized part of many URLs with “/me/” to make a link that anyone can click on; they’ll be taken to the same page on their own account. For example:
/sometag/delete/ Add “/delete/” after any tag URL to delete that tag (there will be a confirmation screen)
Two Tags: Use a comma to separate two tags, to find image with both tags:,gear/
/lastpage/ Add “/lastpage/” to the URL of a multi-page discussion thread, to always reach the last page:
/in/datetaken/ Add “/in/datetaken/” to photopage URL to browse contextually by date-taken:

(removed from site in March 2014, but apparently added back later)

/friends/ Add “/friends/” to anyone’s photostream URL to see recent images from their contacts:
/contacts/ Add “/contacts/” to anyone’s profile URL to see their contacts list:

(removed from site in March 2014)

Search by camera Edit Search results URL to include camera make/model:
(Get proper nomenclature for your camera from Flickr's Camera Finder.)

Some camera models don’t work, as of 2015.04.19

Also, search friends/family photos by camera:
And search your Contacts' photos by camera model:

(These last two were removed from Flickr in March 2014)
/nearby/ Add "/nearby/" to the end of a photopage URL (if it's mapped) to show other photos mapped nearby:

There are options on the page to sort by contacts, date, distance, etc.:

Finding Pages In Flickr's Search Box

As of 2010, users have the ability to find pages in Flickr’s Search bar, not just photos, people, or groups. In Dec. 2012, Flickr updated the entire navigation bar so it would stay on screen as you scroll. This includes the search box. You can also type “s” from any page to move the cursor into the Search box.

Just start typing part of a word into the search box to find the following pages.

NOTE: Sometimes results will differ. For example, “u” will yield one set of results the first time you type it. If you click away from the search box and then click back into it, the still-present ”u” will show one different result than it did the first time.

EDIT: in March 2014, both the navigation bar and the Search Box were removed from the photopages. They still appear on all other pages. Later in 2014, when the photopages regained the Search bar, they no longer had the ability to search for pages using the shortcuts below. However, as of my test in 2017, the ability is again available, though not all of the search strings listed below are still accurate — I haven't had time to test every one.

Page URL Search Queries
About Flickr a, ab, bo, s, ut
API Documentation api, do, me, mi, pi
Camera Finder ca, fi
Code.Flickr cod, de
The Commons com, t
Community Guidelines com, gu
Contact List c, con, o
Contacts' Recent Uploads c, co, con, o
Create a New Group cr, gro
Creative Commons at, com, cr, ea, iv, li, mon, ns, ve
Developer Guide 3, ap, d, e, pe, pi, v
Explore 3, e, lo, or, pl, x
Explore Analog 3, an, e, log, na, x
(Frequently Asked Questions) aq, fa, fre, q
Feeds ds, ed, ee, fe, r
Find Your Friends ds, f, ho, k, nd
FlickrBlog bl, f, k, og
Flickrmail f, ma, k, l
Galleries g, ie, le, ll, ri
Getty Images g, im, li, tt, ty, u
Guest Pass History g, hi, pa, u
Help el, lp, h
The Help Forum elp, fo, hel, ru, um
Invite History hi, i, n, vit
Invite Your Friends fr, i, n, vi
Jobs At Flickr ca, j, ob, w
Last 7 Days Interesting 7, as, ay, da, int, l, la, s, ys
Mobile il, le, m, ob
Most Recent Uploads to Flickr m, oa, os, s, to[space], upl
Organizr (Organize & Create) cr, iz, ni, o, rg, z
Photos Of You ho, of, os, p, to
Photos Of Your Contacts ho, of, os, p, to
Popular Tags ar, la, op, po, pu, tag, ul
Prints and Photo Products ca, na, p, &
Recent Activity act, ce, ec, en, nt[space], r, ty
Recent Changes in Your Groups ch, gro, ha, r
Tools - [hyphen], lo, ls, lu, m, ol, oo, to, w
The Tour e[space]t, ha, t
Upload Photos
ad, lo, oa, pl, u
Video on Flickr d, eo, id, on, v
Your Archives ar, ch, hi, iv, rc, ve
Your Collections col, cti, le, ons, ou, ur, y
Your Photostream ou, ph, ream, str, tr, ur, y
Your Profile fil, il, ofi, prof, r[space]p, rof
Your Sets ou, se, ts, ur, y
Your Map ma, your[space]m
World Map ld, map, or, rl, w

Organizr URLs ("Organize & Create")

Sets & Collections directly to "Sets & Collections" tab
Map directly to maps tab
Groups directly to Groups tab
Sets tab
(specific set open) (replace the X string with set ID#)
Map tab
(non-geotagged items
in Findr bar)
Groups Tab
(group already loaded) (replace ID# at end w/group's ID#)
Public items only:
Private items only
Friend items only
Family items only
Friends/Family items only
Non-Tagged items only
Non-Geotagged items only
Not in Set items only
(Dates back a few years,
but it still works.)
Open multiple images in a batch:,xxxxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxxxx&mode=together
(replace each X string with image ID numbers, comma separated.)
  It's possible to combine some of the above parameters, though I haven't tested fully. For example:

Sets Tab, with only private items in the Findr bar:

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