Flickr’s N/F/Z Photopage

Published 2014.07.01, Updated 2017.09.03

On June 3, 2014, Flickr announced the beta test of a replacement for the NPE (“New Photo Experience”), which doesn’t have an official name, but has been called NNPE, Fred, Zeta, etc., closer in design to the pre-2014.03.25 photopage. Here, I document some of the changes.

The NPE, which I discussed here, had some positives in its design, but almost zero gain in functionality and about three dozen losses of functionality. This replacement, which I'll call the “N/F/Z” (NNPE / Fred / Zeta), gained back some of that lost functionality.

NOTE: In 2017, I decided to leave this page up, in case of historical curiosity.

Map Returned To Photopage, But Not Useful

Popup map on old photopage
See the original size (1079 x 707)

Hovermap on old photopage
The small, hoverable map has been returned to the photopage, and it’s clickable (unlike the simple text in the NPE). However, clicking it does not show a map with that photo pinned on it. Instead, you're taken to a map with other “nearby” images that other people took.

In the previous photopage, the photo-owner could click the location name link to see an editable map, to change either the location name, or the actual location. Viewers could click to see the map (see image at left).

The N/F/Z’s change makes the page prettier and slightly more functional than the NPE, but it’s still next-to-useless for those of us who geotag our images.

There are also no labels on the map, as there used to be. See comparison images at left and below.

Hovermap on N/F/Z

Less Useful Tag Links

The tags no longer link to that user’s images with the same tag. Now, if you click a tag at the bottom of the right column, you’re taken to a general Flickr Search of all images from all users with that tag.

(This is identical to the NPE behavior, and worse than the previous photopage.)

Tag-link choices on old photopage

Entire Tag Is Not Displayed

The N/F/Z cuts off any tag longer than 20 (or so) characters. I believe this lack-of-feature is new to the N/F/Z . For example, Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG Macro is what used to be displayed, but the N/F/Z shows only Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6....

EDIT, 2014.07.05: This userscript fixes the issue for anyone using it. Any user without the script will still see truncated tags.

Truncated tag in N/F/Z

‘Add A Tag’ No Longer Helpful

Just like the NPE, when you add a tag in the N/F/Z, the page no longer suggests tags from your list, nor does it allow browser auto-fill to help, both features that were useful on the previous photopage.
Auto-suggest when adding tags

‘Notes’ Aren’t Accessible At All

In the NPE, notes were not shown by default, and you couldn’t add new ones are edit old ones. But you could at least see them, if you knew the secret. In the N/F/Z, you can’t see them at all.

Editing a note in the pre-NPE photopage

Can’t See or Change Image’s Searchability

Just like in the NPE, you cannot change whether an image is searchable, as you could on the previous photopage.

Ability to change search settings on the photopage

Returned Page Menu

The N/F/Z returns the top-row navigation menu that was lost in the NPE.

Returned Search Box

The N/F/Z returns the upper-right corner Search Box that was lost in the NPE.

However, the Search Box isn’t quite as functional as the same Search Box on other Flickr pages. For example, when you begin to type, there is no drop-down choice, so it can’t be used as a navigation aid. All searches default to everyone’s photos.

Memory of HTML Size

When you select a size to ‘copy HTML’ from the Share menu, the size is remembered when you next return to any photopage.

(The NPE had lost this feature, but regained it in April 2014.)

Embed Code For Video

Unlike the NPE, the N/F/Z has an embed code for videos.

Ability To Download Video

The ability to download videos has been restored.

(It had been removed for the NPE, but existed in the previous photopage.)

Less Clicks To Get To Specific Size

The N/F/Z reduces the number of clicks to get to a specific size of the image for download or to copy/paste the image URL. Now, to download, it’s just two clicks: (1) click the download icon, and (2) choose the size you want — if it’s listed.

Not all sizes are listed however. Say you want the 800-pixel size. It’s one less click than the NPE and one more click than the previous photopage.

‘Enter’ To Make A Line Break

The NPE introduced the non-standard behavior of shift+enter to get a line break (in comments or descriptions), while the enter key would post/save the text. The N/F/Z restores standard behavior.

Avatar / Buddy Icon (upper right)

The N/F/Z restores the upper right avatar / buddy icon.

No Buddy Icon / Avatar (below photo)

Buddy icon menu on old page
See the original size (764 x 406)
Until the NPE, every photopage had the user’s “buddy icon” underneath the image. The buddy icon functioned as a hidden drop-down menu, with which anyone could navigate to that user’s other pages.

The N/F/Z continues the NPE’s loss of functionality in this respect. There is still no such buddy icon navigation.

(Though I think the new, circular buddy icons are ugly, I’m more concerned that they are now simple image links instead of useful drop-down menus.)

Display Space

Because the white, lower portion of the N/F/Z intrudes so far up, there is less display space for images than before.

In the NPE, taller (“portrait”) images filled the browser window from top to bottom. In the previous photopage, wide images filled the browser from left to right. The N/F/Z does neither.

Less Prominent Photo Title

The N/F/Z has added boldface to the photo title (it wasn't bold in NPE), but the text is still smaller than in the previous photopage and is currently smaller than the user name, which is just above it.
Old title: white-on-black, bold, larger
See the original size (586 x 229)

Buddy Icon No Longer Displays In Replies

The N/F/Z continued NPE’s lack of functionality in this case.

All Info Displayed

The N/F/Z returned all the photo’s information (tags, EXIF, context, etc.) to be visible just by scrolling. (In the NPE, much of it was hidden in a weird tabbed interface.)

Removed Context Strips

The NPE made the context “filmstrips” unhelpful, but N/F/Z removed them altogether.

Navigable context filmstrips

Removed ‘Content Type’

Like the NPE, the N/F/Z no longer shows “content type” (photo, art/illustration, or screenshot).

Date Taken Restored

The NPE had removed any explanation for the date shown, but the NPE has re-added “Taken on” next to the date, and hovering over it will display the upload date.

“Taken on” and “Upload on” dates,
in the N/F/Z

“Taken on” and “Uploaded” dates
on pre-NPE photopage

Removed Access To the ‘Edit Titles, Tags, Dates’ Page

This page was available when the NPE first rolled out, but was removed later. The N/F/Z also doesn’t allow access to it. Now you can only edit the title/description on the photopage, and cannot edit tags at all without loading Organizr.

NOTE: The page is still available with a URL hack. Add /edit-details/ to the end of the photopage URL, after removing any contextual URL garbage.

The "Edit Details" page

Shows All Sets

The N/F/Z will show all the sets to which an image belongs, unlike the NPE, which only showed up to 19 of them.

All sets shown on N/F/Z

All sets on pre-NPE

No Direct Link To Stats

The view count no longer links to the stats page (same as NPE), as it did in the previous photopage.

Date Is Not Clickable

The date-taken is not clickable. On the previous photopage, clicking the date would take you to an archive view of all images taken that day. This ability was removed in the NPE and has been left out of the N/F/Z as well.

No Way To Order Prints

The NPE removed the “order prints” option, and the N/F/Z kept it this way.

Note: This page isn't to list “bugs” with the page, unintended quirks that staff will undoubtedly fix at some point. This page is meant to compare the features/functions between the “previous” (pre-NPE) photopage, the NPE, and the N/F/Z.

I also don’t talk much about the design here, since that is subjective. It doesn’t matter whether I like the design, because someone else will not like it. This page is about the functionality of the N/F/Z.
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