Flickr Changes: May 20, 2013

Published 2013.05.21

Updated 2017.09.02

On May 20, 2013, Flickr announced many changes, perhaps the largest overall site redesign in Flickr’s history. This page is meant to document as many of those changes as possible, in case someone’s ever curious. At the time, I was a “power user” of Flickr, familiar with 99% of the site’s functionality.

Much of the change was a marketing scam, in my opinion. Free account holders gained a nearly infinite photostream — up to a terabyte of free storage, the 200-image visibility limit was lifted, the per-month uploading limit was lifted, the per-image size limit was increased, and they became able to create Collections.

Now, read on to see what was lost.

NOTE: More functionality has been removed from the site since then. I won't list all of it here. This page is only for the May 20 changes.


• No more privacy-level indicator under each photo.
• No more permissions 'edit' link under each photo.
• No more 'delete' link under each photo.
• The photo's description is no longer displayed under the photo.
• No more size choices for page layout.
• Can no longer choose to display sets or collections in the right column.
• RSS feed is missing from the bottom (if you can ever get to the bottom).
• Photostream View count removed from top of page.
• No more "uploaded on" date listed for each image.
• Buddy icon menu has been deactivated.


• The map that used to display on the photopage now is not displayed until you click the location name that doesn't look like a link.
• The EXIF information that Flickr just last year began proudly displaying on the photopage is now hidden in "Additional Info", which you have to click to display it.
• Early comments are "rolled up" into a link, so anyone visiting the photopage does not see the first comments without clicking the link.
No more 'Stats' link from photopage (in the past, clicking the view count would take you to a stats page for that image).

EDIT: The stat link was eventually re-added, only to be removed again on 2014.03.25

• Visitors using guest passes are no longer notified of such (in the past, there was a note on screen that you were "surfing" via a guest pass).
• Number of faves no longer links to the page that shows who's faved the image.
Existing guest passes no longer visible (in the past, there was a note if Guest Passes already existed for the image).

EDIT: On May 31, 2013, Flickr re-added this feature.


• No longer displays the full description of the set on a set's page.

EDIT: Now the full description displays if you mouse-over.

• No longer allows on-page editing of the description or title (now you have to load Organizr).
• No longer allows auto-sorting of the set (now you have to load Organizr).
• A set's page no longer has layout options (in the past you could choose "thumbnails" or "details") — The 'detail' view is still available but only with a URL hack; there is no longer a link to it.
• RSS feed link is missing from the bottom.
• Can no longer remove an image from a set while on the set's page (there used to a 'remove' link under each image in a set).

EDIT: The 'remove' link is still visible in the "detail" view, which is only accessible with a URL hack.

• Buddy icon menu has been deactivated.
• Guest passes no longer visible on set's page (in the past, there was a note if Guest Passes already existed for the set).
Visitors using guest passes are no longer notified of such (in the past, there was a note on screen that you were "surfing" via a guest pass).

EDIT: Flickr re-added this feature in early June 2013.


• Lightbox has been replaced with some kind of pseudo-slideshow where the images zoom slowly in and out and move from side to side.
• Slideshow links have been removed from set pages. (The "play" icon does not lead to the Slideshow, as it suggests, but to a new "move-and-zoom" play feature.

Search Results

• The "tags only" option is now gone from the Search Results page.
• The search-type dropdown menu is now gone from the Search Results page.
• Can no longer hide a user from search results (except with a URL hack).

Profile Page

'Send Flickrmail' link has been removed.

EDIT: On May 24, 2013, Flickr re-added the link into the three-dots menu.

• Buddy icon menu has been deactivated.

Archives Pages

No more navigational links (in the past, you could skip from month to month, or day to day).

EDIT: Flickr restored these navigational links on May 31, 2013

• No more image-sizing options (still available with a URL hack).


• Buddy icon no longer functions as navigation drop-down menu on many pages (Contacts, favorites, collections, profile, and others)
• In the past, there were layout option menus on the following pages: group pools, favorites, search results, and My Contacts. Now only group pools have the layout option. Contacts, Search results, and Favorites are only visible in slow-loading Justified View.
• RSS feeds have been also been removed from the bottom of contact pages, and favorites pages.
• Flickr removed the 'Recent Uploads Page' (

Pro Accounts

• Free members no longer have the option of buying a "Pro" account, something that's existed for most of Flickr's lifespan. (Existing pro members have the opportunity to keep their pro accounts, or choose a refund.)

Old FreeNew FreeProAd Free*Doublr*
StorageUnlimited1 TBUnlimited1 TB2 TB
See Ads?YesYesNoNoNo
Monthly Upload300 MBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
File Size Max30 MB200 MB200 MB200 MB200 MB
See OriginalsNoYesYesYesYes
Visibility Limit200UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Replace AbilityNoYesYesYesYes
Groups Limit1060606060

* New paid level accounts

The account-level changes are very beneficial to free account holders in most ways, except those who'd been considering a "pro" account to avoid advertisements (now costs 2x) and to see statistics (no longer available).