My Experience In World War II

A short story by Wil C. Fry

I wrote this as a child; the following is the entire text. Where possible, the spelling and grammar mistakes of the original, hand-written document have been preserved in this typed copy.

By Will Fry
A+ 100

    It was 1944 in Germany. Bombs exploding could be heard all over. All of a sudden 10 German fighter planes came in fast. Will Fry and Mark Murray, Both at 23, fired the anti-aircraft guns again and again.
    4 of the 10 fighters went down, But the other 6 did some damage and got away. Then the 6 returned followed by big bombers.
    Of the 3 bombers 2 went down, and the other one got away. Of the 6 fighters 5 went down the the other led the bomber away.
    The I heard a yell. I turned and Mark was dead!
    I yelled out to Lt. Rusty Graham and he came over and helped me with the big guns.
    Commander Ed Twark told Rusty and I to go to the airstrip and get our air attack going.
    We went toward the fighters. Then we yelled at the other pilots, "Commander said to get going.
    We hopped in and took off. There were 35 of us. When we took off 5 were immediately shot down. The remaining 30 flew off.
    Then we saw the German anti-aircraft gunners and the German fighters. We flew toward them in formation.
    We broke formation and fired with our special machine guns that fire through the propeller.
    The numbers of fighters diminished rapidly when there were only 10 of us left we headed toward the airport.
    I looked for Rusty's plane and was surprised to see it on the ground with Rusty slumped over the weel. His body was torn.
    I thought bitterly, "I will fight until I die because the Nazi's have killed my best friends."
    We landed and headed for the battlefield once more and were terror stricken! Nobody was there but Nazis!
    We fled toward the airstip. All of us were shot down except Sergeant Madden and I.
    We got to the airstrip just before the Nazis. We took off just before the airport was invaded.
    I flew away from the sergeant and said, "Captain Will Fry here, I'm going to London out."
    Then I was involved in getting away from the anti-aircraft guns. But it was too late. 22 holes quickly opened up in the plane.
    I jumbled out and pulled the ripcord on my parachute.
    I was floating nicely down when all of a sudden Bang-Bang...

The End

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