Non-true stories written by Wil C. Fry

All stories written by Wil C. Fry, except as otherwise noted

Updated 2017.10.04

I began writing fiction before I wrote poetry. Always a fan of science fiction, I made several attempts to write it, and finished several works, few of which I’m particularly proud. Those that are finished are listed on this page. Each title’s link will take you to the finished story. Some are long, some are short.

Most of the fiction here was written for a juvenile audience, those who aren’t that into sci-fi. This is the kind of science fiction that I enjoyed as a youngster. Most of it isn’t too deep.


Title (link)File TypeFile SizeNotes
Convincedhtml120 kb2017.10.04
Riot Gearhtml26 kb2014.04.12
Ghost in the Road.pdf25 kb
4 pages
In Moderation.pdf27 kb
6 pages
Robber BaronhtmlN/A2003.05
Written 1999, minor changes made in 2003
General Nutzack and Superfast Inc..pdf39 kb
12 pages
Recollections of Millal Ba
html26 kb2001.05.07
A Natural Extension of Today's Economy.pdf33 kb
3 pages
Discoverye of the Talking Ass
Recollections of Millal Ba
html11 kb2000.11.08
Time Boy.pdf523 kb
49 pages
Written in Jacksonville, Ark.
The Deadly Misunderstanding.rtf213 kb 
Hope.txt180 kb1995-98
Begun in Cabot, Ark.; Finished in Gravel Ridge, Ark.
The ‘Fourth Man’html9 kb1990.05.21
Written for English IV, Smithson Valley High School
The Annals Of The Pickle, Etc.html48 kb1990.02
• Written at Smithson Valley High School
• This is a collaborative work
The Firecracker Warhtml42 kb1989.05.15 (5th draft)
Zachary Zane Zex

a CFT story

.txt23.9 kblate 1980s

Image: Page 1 only
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The Building of Billy Connors' Extravaganza

a CFT story

.txt24.2 kb1987.04

Image: Page 1 only
Images: Entire Story

Kodiak of Venus

a CFT story

.txt33.9 kbcirca 1980s
Unfinished 1st Draft

Image: Page 1 only
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The Sol System War I.txt12.7 kb1985.03.17

Image: Cover Page
Images: Entire Story

The Winner Team1984 (age 11)

Image: Cover Page
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War of the Planets.txt5 kb1984.03.23 (age 11)

Image: Page 1 only
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My Experience in World War IIhtml5 kbI wrote this story as a child

Image: Page 1 only
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CFT Planet List

CFT reference material

.txt3.02 kbmid-1980s
FUZ Designs List

FUZ reference material

html60 kblate 1980s
ISP Designs List

reference material

html37 kbearly 1980s