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Universal Alphabet On A Grid

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Published on: 2017.11.04

Multi-lingual Part of the packaging for my Joby GorillaPod had the above label, with the same phrase in 11 languages and at least six alphabets. (Copyright © 2016 by Wil C. Fry.) In mid-2016, I got to thinking about about the evolution of written languages (I think I was reading The Selfish Gene at the[…]

What If We Could Make The Internet Better? We Can.

Internet cafe in Cozumel (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) The world’s a decent enough place — most of us won’t get murdered, for example — but it could be better. I feel the same away about the internet: it’s wonderful, but it’s not as good as it could be. Even those of us[…]

Stunning? Surely Not

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Published on: 2011.06.08

Newspapers are currently in very poor shape, and they just seem to make it worse every day. This headline: “Series of Scandals Dominating College Football’s Offseason” was followed by this first line: “As a wild and stunning two weeks in offseason college football heads to a close — with developments almost daily — the prospect[…]

Book Review: The History of Murder (1990)

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Published on: 2011.02.28

Title: The History of Murder Author: Colin Wilson Subject: the development of murderers in human history Genre: Crime / History Publisher: Castle Books (Originally published in 1990, “The History of Murder” edition I read had been updated in 2004 to include a few new serial killers and mass murderers.) First of all, I realize that[…]

Sometimes The Questions Are Enough

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Published on: 2001.05.03

(Thoughts On Life, Thursday, May 3, 2001) Within each of us is an author, a creator, a visionary — a force that leads and guides us and creates life by the mere action of living. Whether our exterior persona actually writes, creates or envisions the future is irrelevant. Every breath consumed by each of us[…]

2001.03.03: On Poetry

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Published on: 2001.03.03

A poem can open the soul. A poem can awake a deeper spiritual sense in a person’s inner being. A poem is an insight into who or what the author really is. All of this is true only if the reader is open-minded and willing to receive the poem’s message. Each definition of poetry only[…]

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