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Three Years Later

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Published on: 2018.02.10

Three years ago today, I announced to the world that I’m an atheist. Today, it’s difficult to relate how worried I was about the announcement. Throughout 2014, as I steadfastly wrote about my conclusion, I had regular conversations with my wife about whether I should make it public. I knew that if I made the[…]

I Will Avoid Your Site/Business If…

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Published on: 2014.02.11

Dear Business Owner, You may wonder why I (and other people like me) don’t frequent your store/office/website anymore, or why I only visited once and never came back. Here are some of the reasons:

You Can Still Keep Your Plan, Says Obama

Categories: Healthcare, Politics
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Published on: 2013.11.07

screenshot of from Nov. 6, 2013 As of Nov. 7, 2013, the White House website still says that the Affordable Care Act won’t mean the end of the plan you like, regardless of much evidence to the contrary.

Website Failure Isn’t The Worst Thing About Obamacare

Categories: Healthcare, InTheNews
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Published on: 2013.11.06

News reports from the left, right, and middle have all shamed the failures of, the main web portal of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). The site had glitches and outright failures from Day 1, and still isn’t working properly. But the repeated and continuing failure of the website isn’t the worst thing about the[…]

For The Record: Website Statistics

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Published on: 2013.11.05

I don’t check my website statistics terribly often — not like when I first began blogging and was curious about the magic of such tools. But I looked in this morning and found these tidbits, which you may or may not find interesting:

Flickr Adds Yahoo! Menu Bar

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Published on: 2013.07.04

It seems that Flickr’s downward spiral doesn’t have an exit ramp. After May 20’s redesign and resultant loss of functionality, those in charge just couldn’t stop hurting the site’s appearance and ease of use. This week, Flickr added a Yahoo! menu bar across the top (Help Forum topic):

Documenting Flickr’s Losses

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Published on: 2013.05.22

Flickr’s marketing department is taking care of publicizing what’s been added to the site, and how the design has changed. They’re real proud of it. So far, I haven’t seen anyone documenting what’s been taken away from Flickr users. I’ve made a page just for that, here. I’ll be updating it as I learn more.

You Stalk Me Long Time

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Published on: 2005.09.26

Usually, I really love StatCounter ( It provides a really nice counter tool so I can see how many hits I’ve had over the last several days/weeks. It also shows me which friends and family members are stopping by to visit, as well as the visitors who stop by on accident, sometimes from all over[…]

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