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‘Don’t Like It? Then Leave!’ — A Lot Of Derp In Five Words

This week’s Silly Meme This meme, or at least its general idea, has been around for a long time. I first heard the theme as a youngster, when one adult made a formal complaint to another adult about the way a church was being run. A third party commented: “If you don’t like it so[…]

Which State Is Most Representative Of The U.S.?

NPR recently published a nice breakdown of state-by-state demographics, with the intent to show which of the U.S.’s 50 states most represents the nation as a whole. The whole purpose of the story was to see which state’s presidential primaries should be first. (Of course, that’s silly; no state should go first.) Based on their[…]

Book Review: Richard Nixon (Brodie, 1981)

(Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) Full Title: Richard Nixon: The Shaping Of His Character Author: Fawn McKay Brodie Year: 1981 Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company ISBN 0-393-01467-3 View it on Amazon View it on GoodReads View it on Google Books Wikipedia page on Fawn M. Brodie ◊ Summary One thing that strikes me[…]

Book Review: The American Presidents (Whitney, 2012)

Full Title: The American Presidents: Biographies of the Chief Executives, from George Washington through Barack Obama Author: David C. Whitney (revised and updated by Robin Vaughn Whitney) Year: 1967, various updates through 2009 Publisher: several (mine was Reader’s Digest Association) ISBN 978-1-60652-462-6 View it on Amazon View it on Google Books I found this book[…]

Have We Gotten Nowhere?

[Copied/adapted from my “Big Blue Notebook”, July 4, 2000.] Exactly the same problems that plagued America at her inception remain with us. The Boston Tea Party, fabled as it may have been, protested taxation without representation; the taxes we still pay, only to a different governing body. The sugar tax is now called a sales[…]

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