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The Most Important Freedom, At Least For Now

I would someday be interested in an informed discussion on whether some of our constitutionally-protected rights are more important than others, or should be. For example, if you had to give up one enumerated freedom, which would you choose? (If we’re going with the original Constitution and Bill of Rights, I would give up the[…]

The Confusing Path To The November Ballot, Thanks To “States’ Rights”

Voters in line for a national election, Church of Christ, Seminole, Oklahoma (Copyright © 2004 by Wil C. Fry.) It boggles my mind that we need a story like this: A Complete Guide To Early And Absentee Voting (NPR), which lists 50 separate dates and rules for early voting, absentee voting, etc., for a single[…]

Black-And-Blue Lives Matter

Campaign Zero poster Click here to see it full size #blacklivesmatter #bluelivesmatter #alllivesmatter I fail to understand why people are still arguing over this. It is insane to shoot and kill police officers because other police officers executed black men without (apparent) cause. This is not justice, any more than it would be justice for[…]

That Time I Saw An Atheism Commercial On TV

25-cent piece, U.S. (Copyright © 2008 by Wil C. Fry.) Saturday evening, my wife and I were wrapping up our day by watching a rerun of The Daily Show, via our cable company’s “On Demand” feature. At the end, just as I was about to stop the replay and turn everything off for the night,[…]

Huckabee Is Right For Once

Preacher and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been wrong on so many points it’s difficult to keep track, but he shouldn’t be butchered when he’s correct, as he was this morning when interviewed by CNN. “Regardless, heterosexual marriage is largely in trouble today because people see it as a selfish means of pleasing self, rather[…]

Republic Or Democracy? Or Something Else? (short version)

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Published on: 2014.12.18

(This is the very short version of this entry. To read a much longer version, click here.) A few days ago, the question of our nation’s kind arose in the comment section of this blog. “We were founded as a Republic not a Democracy“, someone said. The same person also suggested the country was “turning[…]

Republic Or Democracy? Or Something Else? (long version)

(This is the very long version of this entry. To read a much shorter version, click here.) U.S. flag seen in Seminole, Okla. (Copyright © 2005 by Wil C. Fry.) A few days ago, the question of our nation’s kind arose in the comment section of this blog. “We were founded as a Republic not[…]

Editorial Support For Government Not Establishing A Religion

Umlauf Sculpture Garden, Austin, Texas (Copyright © 2009 by Wil C. Fry.) A couple of days ago, the Los Angeles Times editorial board published a strong endorsement for the First Amendment, titled: “Patriotic Americans Have The Right Not To Believe In Any God”. “We believe that entanglement of religion and government runs the risk of[…]

UPDATED: Changed Air Force Rule Violates First Amendment & Article 6

UPDATE, 2014.09.19: The U.S. Air Force airmen mentioned below was eventually allowed to reenlist, according to later stories. “We take any instance in which airmen report concerns regarding religious freedom seriously,” Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James said. “We are making the appropriate adjustments to ensure our airmen’s rights are protected.” It was[…]

The Last Bit Of The Fifth Amendment: Civil Forfeiture

Most of us are familiar with parts of the Fifth Amendment (to the U.S. Constitution), not only from the nightly news but from movies and TV shows. “I plead the Fifth” is a common enough phrase, but only refers to 14 words of the 108 words in the amendment: “…nor shall be compelled in any[…]

Have We Been “Fundamentally Transformed”?

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Published on: 2013.11.02

Just over five years ago (October 2008), almost-President Barack Obama said at a a campaign rally in Missouri: “After decades of broken politics in Washington, and eight years of failed policies from George W. Bush … we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” (source, emphasis mine) His critics keep[…]

Fact Check: Length of ACA, etc.

After reading a moderately well-written (but poorly informed) letter to the editor called “Obamacare not the change we’re looking for” on our local newspaper’s website, I saw a comment underneath that boiled my blood. I wasn’t upset because the comment represented a different point of view, but because it so blatantly used misinformation to support[…]

Realism About Gun Restrictions

As often happens immediately after a firearm-related tragedy, huge emotion-laden efforts have been launched to enact “some form” of gun control in the United States. The proponents are banking on the very real worries and fears that arise after such a tragedy, and the uncountable conversations that arise as a result. But being realistic, what[…]

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