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POTUS Is Unhinged, Guilty, And Desperate

It’s been said that those who voted for Trump and continue to support him can’t be swayed to change their minds. It might be true; I don’t know. But I’d like to make one last attempt. If you have any dignity, any capability to reason, any sense of morality, or any respect for the office[…]

Social Media Algorithms Need A LOT Of Work

Like you, I’ve heard a lot about the proprietary algorithms that social media companies use to determine which posts we see. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others regularly mention them in interviews and in their own posts. They’re pretty proud of them. They typically also mention their internal “metrics” — the systems in place that record[…]

Why Twitter And Not Facebook?

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Published on: 2014.03.19

A friend recently expressed dismay that I was on Twitter but not on Facebook. “But on Facebook, you can do everything in one place,” she noted with an incredulous tone.

My Rep. Needs A Little Help Representing Me

I’m sometimes a glutton for punishment. For example, on Twitter I “follow” @JudgeCarter, the online handle of U.S. Representative John Carter (R-Texas), who happens to be my locally elected representative to the U.S. government (District 31). A few times, I’ve replied to his inaccurate Tweets, including this exchange:

Tweeting (And Mispredicting) The Super Bowl

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Published on: 2014.02.03

Last night, my wife and I predicted Super Bowl 48 scores, and both were wide-eyed at the actual game — the Seattle Seahawks toyed with the Denver Broncos as if they were high school players. (I say “48” because Roman numerals are a little silly, don’t you think? Despite our language’s Latin roots, there’s no[…]

Customer Service Via Twitter (UPDATED)

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Published on: 2013.10.30

I finally discovered a legitimate use for my Twitter account: getting quick and satisfactory customer service from a major corporation.

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