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The Inherent Flaw In ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws

The past several years have seen a slew of “religious freedom” laws popping up — mostly in state governments, though a few arose at the federal level. Still In The News The “religious freedom” laws attempted in various states are an effort to head off court cases like the one mentioned in this story, about[…]

Texas Is About To Say ‘Me Too!’ (2017 Legislative Session)

For everyone across the nation who wondered why the Texas legislature wasn’t in the news much this year — specifically, during all the media frenzy about civil rights — it’s not because Texas decided to stop being regressive. It’s because the Texas legislature, by law, does not meet in even-numbered years (except for limited 30-day[…]

Insight On The Conservative Voter Via Talk Radio

Today, I listened to more conservative drivel on talk radio than a man should be subject to in a lifetime. As I drove through the beautiful Texas Hill Country on my way to Colorado Bend State Park, the silence in the car was deafening and I realized I hadn’t brought a CD for the car’s[…]

The Silly Newsletter I Just Received From Jon Cobb

The Texas Conservative Journal, which I received in the mail yesterday   How I get on these people’s mailing lists, I’ll never know, but I’ll take some satisfaction in knowing that this one was paid for by voluntary donors instead of taxpayer money. The latest edition of “silly mass mailings I receive from Republicans” was[…]

In Defense Of Texans

Texas flag, Waco (Copyright © 2009 by Wil C. Fry.) Apparently some “frightened citizens” contacted Texas Governor Greg Abbott (source) about a military training exercise in several states, and he sent in the Texas State Guard to make sure the U.S. military wasn’t doing anything amiss. What? And then Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a member[…]

How Many Times Have You Moved?

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Published on: 2015.01.31

Our house in Japan, circa 1976 The average U.S.ian will move 11.3 (or 11.7) times in her lifetime, according to this story from 538. You’re more likely to move if you’re poor, non-white, and younger. For me, the oddest thing about the story is that it didn’t define “move”. For example, I might not count[…]

Mixed Bag: Texas’ Booming Economy

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Published on: 2014.07.02

My local representative to the U.S. House (John Carter, of Texas, not Mars) keeps talking about jobs, both the superior nature of Texas’ job growth and the need for more jobs on a national level. “It’s time to focus on jobs,” he tweeted yesterday. And: “It’s time for Sen. Reid to pass the 40 job[…]

Let’s Use ‘Deep South’ Correctly, Please

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Published on: 2014.02.15

Yes, I know that South Carolina IS technically in the Deep South. But it bugs me when something happens in a specific slice of a region and is reported as having happened in the entire region: “The Deep South has been shaken up this winter in more ways than one: First, there was the unusual[…]

Houston Chronicle Did Not Un-Endorse Ted Cruz

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Published on: 2013.10.16

Several news agencies today reported that the Houston Chronicle “unendorsed” Senator Ted Cruz (R.-TX) — no relation to my late grandfather whose name is pronounced the same way — but the Chronicle said that’s not true.

Book Review: Lone Star (1968, 2000)

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Published on: 2013.07.09

Title: Lone Star: A History of Texas and the Texans (Updated Edition) Subtitle: From Prehistory to the Present, the People, Politics, and Events That Have Shaped Texas Author: T.R. Fehrenbach Year: 1968, 2000 Publisher: Da Capo Press ISBN 0-306-80942-7 View it on Amazon View it on Google Books Texas History on Wikipedia On the heels[…]

Book Review: The Raven, A Biography of Sam Houston (1929)

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Published on: 2013.05.21

Title: The Raven, A Biography of Sam Houston Author: Marquis James Year: 1929 Publisher: University of Texas Press, Austin ISBN 0-292-77040-5 View it on Amazon View it on Google Books Sam Houston on Wikipedia This book was awarded the 1930 Pulitzer Prize for “Biography or Autobiography” (James is one of the very few people who’ve[…]

ITN: Texas Student Sues After ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Suspension

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Published on: 2012.11.23

In The News: U.S. School Tag Tracker Project Prompts Court Row (BBC) A Texas high school student was suspended after refusing to wear an ID badge that contains and RFID tracking device. The school began using the devices to keep track of how many students are on campus each day — a number that determines[…]

No Surprise: Texas Polls

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Published on: 2012.10.06

A year ago, voter polls in Texas showed Republican candidate Mitt Romney leading President Barack Obama by just two percent in Texas (source). Since then, Romney has pulled away. The most recent Texas voter poll shows Romney leading by 19% in Texas.

Dallas World Aquarium

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Published on: 2008.08.03

The Dallas World Aquarium is a money-making tourist attraction in Dallas, Texas, that costs $18.95 per adult and $10.95 per child (with tax, two adults cost more than $40). There are three restaurants inside, with prices about equal to restaurant chains like TGI Fridays or Chilis. The actual exhibits are varied, interesting, and spread out[…]

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