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A Fundamental Misunderstanding Of Words (And Reality)

I found this week’s silly meme on the Facebook page of a friend who normally publishes pro-liberal items, so I was taken aback. Later, he edited his post to say he didn’t agree with it and just wanted to start some conversations. A Silly Meme Click the image to see a legible version The text[…]

Strawman: A Logical Fallacy Explained

Seen this meme posted by your conservative friends? It’s a classic strawman fallacy. Click here to see it larger. Ah the strawman, my least favorite logical fallacy. As luck would have it, I was considering a blog entry — or series of them — about the various logical fallacies used in political and religious debates,[…]

The War On Science, Republican Version (UPDATED)

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Published on: 2015.01.13

(In case you missed it, I haven’t blogged here much in the past couple of weeks. Partly this is due to being tired of outrage. I exhausted myself a bit last year being outraged. Also, because I did a ton of research for some of my entries, and I grew tired of that too. Also,[…]

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