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The Elusive Definition Of ‘Life’

Ever since we humans developed language, certain words have had exact and universal definitions. But other words… not so much. Perhaps strangely, some of the most important words/concepts have been the most difficult to define. Dead As Dirt This patch of dried mud looks entirely dead. However, a microscope would reveal that it’s teeming with[…]

Are Humans A Superior Species?

Here’s a question I found in a Facebook forum recently: Why Nature Choosed? English almost certainly isn’t the questioner’s first language, so I’m only considering the underlying assumptions in the question(s). Why nature choosed humans to be superior . . . ? Why not cats, whales, or eagles to lead . . . ? English[…]

ITN: Nitpicking the News Again

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Published on: 2012.06.09

In the News: Invasive species ride tsunami debris to US shore. This story, and a dozen others just like it that appeared on news sites around the world, has an inaccurate and misleading headline.

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