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Dear Alabama: You Have A White People Problem

Just look at the statistics from last night’s election in Alabama:   Election Results By Race/Sex In Alabama last night, black people — especially black women — made the right choice. White people? Not so much. Especially white men.   As I’ve mentioned before, Alabama gun-toter Roy Moore wasn’t the worst candidate purely because of[…]

Which State Is Most Representative Of The U.S.?

NPR recently published a nice breakdown of state-by-state demographics, with the intent to show which of the U.S.’s 50 states most represents the nation as a whole. The whole purpose of the story was to see which state’s presidential primaries should be first. (Of course, that’s silly; no state should go first.) Based on their[…]

To The Parents Of My Children’s White Friends

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Published on: 2016.01.20

My wife and I, 10 years ago (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) A loved one informed me of a blog entry called To The White Parents Of My Black Son’s Friends (by Maralee Bradley), and asked for my thoughts on the issue. In one of my wiser moments, I said I wanted to[…]

Racism Is Natural? No. No, It’s Not.

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Published on: 2015.04.30

Is racism inborn, or taught, or some combination of the two? This question has been actively explored by psychologists, neuroscientists, and others in various fields — and of course it’s been pontificated on by people with no expertise in any particular field, kind of like what I’m about to do. • Racism Is ‘Hardwired’ Into[…]

Thoughts On ‘Mulatto’

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Published on: 2014.10.01

Yesterday was the first time I heard the word “mulatto” spoken aloud in at least 10 years. This time it was reference to my children, used as part of a compliment: “Mulatto children are … [huge pause] … so beautiful. I have always thought so.” (Old white guy in Central Texas, with a noticeable German[…]

Media Could Be A Bit More Careful When Reporting Studies

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Published on: 2014.09.01

A few days ago, this Washington Post article made the claim: “…when we talk about race in our personal lives, we are by and large discussing it with people who look like us.” Citing a recent study by PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute), the Post author said: “…the average black person’s friend network is eight[…]

What My Parents Told Me About Race

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Published on: 2013.09.29

The question was posed by an NPR article: What Did Your Parents Tell You About Race?, and answered by many readers via Twitter or comments underneath the article (spurring yet another article). I chose to consider the question a little more fully and answer on my own blog rather than lose it amongst hundreds of[…]

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