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So Much Winning! (And By ‘Winning’, I Mean ‘Prison’)

Presidential Scandals This chart, from Daily Kos, compares the number of indictments, convictions, and prison sentences among presidential administrations back through Nixon. As the Robert Mueller investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign heated up late last week (resulting in arrests this morning), I started seeing a copy/paste comment around social media. The short form is:[…]

If We’re Going To Elect Celebrities Anyway…

2020? Oprah Winfrey with Michelle Obama (Image is in the public domain.) Two days ago, media mogul Oprah Winfrey seemed to reconsider a presidential bid — despite saying just a few months ago that she would “never run for public office”. I don’t know what changed, but I can guess: her realization that her qualifications[…]

All Politicians Lie. But Why?

Donald J. Trump, 2015 “All politicians lie”, it is said. It’s a political extension of “everyone lies”. While it might not be entirely true, the cliché exists because the behavior is common. And most of the time, it’s easy to see why they lie. Not so with Donald Trump.

By The Numbers (2016 Election)

As I noted four years ago, I’m fascinated by numbers, so despite how my emotional reaction differs from 2012, I still enjoyed looking at the tallies after 2016’s presidential election.   County-by-county results map from 2016 election (Screenshot from The New York Times.)  

I Have Never Been So Sad To Be So Right

I called it in 2012: “I will now be the first person to project the winner of the 2016 Presidential election. I hereby project* that the Republican candidate will win in 2016.” And I doubled down nine months ago: “To summarize, I think it’s next-to-certain that the Democratic nominee this year will be Hillary Clinton,[…]

Why We’ll Have A Republican President In 2017

So many choices (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) Yes, I predicted in 2012 (end of that entry) that this 2016 election would go to a Republican. At the time, it was more of a gut feeling combined with the fact that Mitt Romney won two more states in 2012 than John McCain had[…]

How Depressing Were Those First Debates?

I am so embarrassed for my country right now. Last night’s first debates of the 2016 presidential campaign weren’t as hilarious as they could have been, nor were they as haywire as they could have been. Instead, they were just sad. Both of them. Depressing even. I hang my head in sorrow. The positions taken[…]

Qualifications To Be U.S. President [Updated]

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Published on: 2015.08.07

This morning, Richard Dawkins complained that there should be more “relevant” qualifications for being president than being 35 years of age or older and being born in the U.S. (He did admit that his own country has a more bizarre way of choosing a head of state.) But he missed something very important, I think.

2016 Election: Early Preview (UPDATED)

(First published 2015.02.26. Updated as recently as 2015.07.11 to mark which candidates are running, and to add paragraphs for (some) unexpected candidates.) My daughter will need a new presidential placemat after the next election (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) Of course, it’s too early to talk seriously about the 2016 presidential election, but[…]

Book Review: Richard Nixon (Brodie, 1981)

(Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) Full Title: Richard Nixon: The Shaping Of His Character Author: Fawn McKay Brodie Year: 1981 Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company ISBN 0-393-01467-3 View it on Amazon View it on GoodReads View it on Google Books Wikipedia page on Fawn M. Brodie ◊ Summary One thing that strikes me[…]

Poll: Obama Is Worst Since WW2

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Published on: 2014.07.03

ABC News has reported on a Quinnipiac University poll (see more here) which says President Barack Obama is the “worst” U.S. president since the second World War. (Note: I generally don’t use Roman Numerals for things, even Super Bowls or World Wars, since I’m not Roman and don’t speak or write or read Latin very[…]

Number-Crunching (Election)

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Published on: 2012.11.07

I’m one of those guys who likes numbers just for the sake of numbers. I actually enjoy statistics and math and comparisons. So the day after an election, I’m the guy that looks at those interactive red/blue maps on news websites and clicks through to see which county voted the highest percentage for one candidate[…]

They All Agreed

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Published on: 2012.11.06

By bedtime this evening, all major news networks were in agreement in projecting Barack Obama as the winner of today’s national election for President. And that was without any agreements on Florida or Virgina, both of whom were leaning toward Obama. And Colorado, also leaning Obama, hadn’t been counted yet. I think FOX News was[…]

No Surprise: Texas Polls

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Published on: 2012.10.06

A year ago, voter polls in Texas showed Republican candidate Mitt Romney leading President Barack Obama by just two percent in Texas (source). Since then, Romney has pulled away. The most recent Texas voter poll shows Romney leading by 19% in Texas.

Debate 1: Romney: B, Obama C

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Published on: 2012.10.04

Last night’s debate between U.S. President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney seems to have resulted in a Romney “win”, even in the media that usually falls to the left of center. But the best headline I saw about it was from CNN: Romney wasn’t stellar, but Obama fell short. And of course the[…]

ITN: Bad Candidate, Good President?

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Published on: 2012.09.28

In the News: “Lousy candidate; highly qualified to be president,” said a top Romney official. “The candidate suit fits him unnaturally. He is naturally an executive.” (Source: Politico, Sept, 28, 2012)

ITN: Rebooted Romney

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Published on: 2012.09.21

In June 2011, with a huge field of Republican candidates for president, I asked “Do any of these people have an honest chance of winning?” Said another way in that same post: “Pick any one name off the Republicans’ current list, and imagine that one person running against Obama in the 2012 presidential race… and[…]

A Little More Seriously (2012 Election)

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Published on: 2012.02.05

In June of last year, in a blog entry called Seriously? (2012 Election), I questioned whether any of the Republican candidates for U.S. President had any chance of beating incumbent president Barack Obama. At the time, there were dozens of candidates, from the outright silly, to the questionable, to the few known and somewhat stable[…]

Seriously? (2012 Election)

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Published on: 2011.06.26

Let’s admit it: some of us voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because he was black. And some of us voted against him for the same reason. Of course, there were other reasons — just as silly — that people voted either for Obama or for opponent John McCain (age, war experience, religion, etc.), while[…]

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