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Population Matters

Crowded Stopped traffic on I-35 in Austin, Texas. (Copyright © 2015 by Wil C. Fry.) I’ve tried — and ultimately failed — to avoid the conclusion that humanity’s greatest threat is the increasing numbers of humans. The latest UN report says that global population growth is slowing, but will still approach 10 billion by 2050[…]

Ivy Taylor Is Delusional To The Point Of Being Incompetent

Home Sweet Home A “house” on Oliver Street in Seminole, Oklahoma, that would more properly be called a “shack”. During my nine years in Seminole, I met multiple people who lived in homes just like this, because they couldn’t afford to fix them up and couldn’t afford to move elsewhere. They couldn’t even afford to[…]

Do You Live In A ‘Bubble’?

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Published on: 2016.11.21

My results from the quiz in question See larger version It’s tempting to dismiss outright any piece of writing that begins with “So I took an online quiz…” However, I ask that you bear with me long enough to see the larger point. So I took this online quiz (hosted by PBS), called “Do You[…]

Why I’ll Vote Democrat Until The RNC Crumbles

In the past, I’ve voted Independent, Libertarian, and other parties as a kind of halfhearted protest against the two-party stranglehold on state-level and national politics in our country. And for a couple of years, it seemed a few other people did too. But the movement gained no traction. I realized eventually that one of the[…]

Rethinking ‘Redistribution Of Wealth’

Money (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) We see the phrase “redistribution of wealth” tossed into the political discourse. We’re supposed to assume it’s a bad thing. A few years ago, I began to wonder why. Here, I attempt to define it. All links to definitions are from the Oxford English Dictionary (U.S. version).

Strawman: A Logical Fallacy Explained

Seen this meme posted by your conservative friends? It’s a classic strawman fallacy. Click here to see it larger. Ah the strawman, my least favorite logical fallacy. As luck would have it, I was considering a blog entry — or series of them — about the various logical fallacies used in political and religious debates,[…]

Solving Moral / Ethical Dilemmas

A house in rural Oklahoma (Copyright © 2007 by Wil C. Fry.) Many people are uncomfortable with hypothetical ethical dilemmas (some examples). I’ve run into a few people who haven’t heard the term, and others who were first made aware of the idea in high school. I first heard of them in fifth grade, when[…]

‘Most Serious’ Problem In The World?

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Published on: 2015.03.20

Yesterday, I cited the World Values Survey, which included many questions other than the ones I mentioned. One of the others was “Which of the following problems you consider the most serious one for the world as a whole?” One of the nicer neighborhoods we saw in Belize (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.)[…]

Nice Doublespeak, Ft. Lauderdale

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Published on: 2014.11.08

Maybe you’re aware that more cities in the U.S. are banning or restricting feeding the homeless. Certainly you heard about last week’s crackdown in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., in which police issued citations to at least three people (two priests and a 90-year-old man) for breaking their new law. I tweeted about the last one a[…]

Study: You’re Stuck

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Published on: 2014.08.07

A 25-year study by Johns Hopkins researchers, which I found via NPR, tracked nearly 800 children from first grade into their late 20s, originally trying to “better understand how early home life helped some children successfully acclimate to first grade”, but eventually learning how it affected their entire lives. The results aren’t happy-making.

Tax The Rich To Help The Poor = Socialism? No.

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Published on: 2014.03.22

Whenever anyone suggests that a higher tax on the wealthy might fund programs for those in poverty, I see “socialism” thrown about as an accusation, not only by politicians or columnists, but by regular people. Ignoring for a moment the arguments about whether actual socialism is good or bad and whether we should tax the[…]

Book Review: Broke, USA (Rivlin, 2010)

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Published on: 2014.01.21

Full Title: Broke, USA: from pawnshops to Poverty, Inc.: how the working poor became big business Author: Gary Rivlin Year: 2010 Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN 978-0-06-173321-5 View it on Amazon View it on Google Books

Minimum Wage Hike?

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Published on: 2013.02.14

In President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday, he focused partly on generating “a rising, thriving middle class”. Oddly, in that part of his speech, he suggested raising the federal minimum wage to $9 per hour (a 24% increase from the current $7.25 per hour). In the News: Obama: Minimum Wage Increase Will[…]

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