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Are Humans A Superior Species?

Here’s a question I found in a Facebook forum recently: Why Nature Choosed? English almost certainly isn’t the questioner’s first language, so I’m only considering the underlying assumptions in the question(s). Why nature choosed humans to be superior . . . ? Why not cats, whales, or eagles to lead . . . ? English[…]

Where Do Our Rights Come From?

The title of this entry is something I’ve been thinking about for a while — in brief spurts — but haven’t had a chance to sit down and really mull it over. What spurred me to finally deal with it was a post on Facebook, in which the American Humanist Association said “Nope” in response[…]

Sometimes The Questions Are Enough

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Published on: 2001.05.03

(Thoughts On Life, Thursday, May 3, 2001) Within each of us is an author, a creator, a visionary — a force that leads and guides us and creates life by the mere action of living. Whether our exterior persona actually writes, creates or envisions the future is irrelevant. Every breath consumed by each of us[…]

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