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10 Bogus Explanations For Millennials’ Lack Of Religion

Christians — especially mistaken authors like “Doctor” Alex McFarland — are pretty worried about the Pew survey which shows younger U.S.ians are leaving religion in droves. Logically, for anyone concerned with the longevity of religion, there have to be two immediate goals: (1) find out what’s driving millennials away from the church, and (2) figure[…]

Six ‘Facts’ About Atheists, As Slightly Misreported

In an undated article on Christianity Today, writer Carey Lodge lists “six facts about atheism in the U.S.”, citing a recent Pew Research report. I noted some interesting twists and omissions in Lodge’s article. Note: The Pew report contains “7 Facts”, and lists them in a different order than Lodge did. I will use Lodge’s[…]

PEJ Study Meaningless?

Be careful with reports like this one. They get tossed around a bit in the press (example from the Washington Post) as evidence of media bias. The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) studied news stories through the previous presidential campaign, deciding which ones were about the election, which ones mentioned Obama[…]

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