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Four Things

Several topics floated around recently, but nothing I really wanted to write on at length — on the off-chance anyone was wondering: “Why hasn’t Wil blogged lately?”

What’s The Big Deal About Child Marriage In Islam?

I had fully intended this morning to blog about last night’s Democratic Debate, but as I searched out news on it, I became distracted by a story in international news that doesn’t seem to be getting the attention it probably should. Headline: Pakistan Bill Aiming To Ban Child Marriages Shot Down As ‘Anti-Islamic’ And ‘Blasphemous’[…]

It’s the Actions That Matter

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Published on: 2012.06.23

Jerry Sandusky’s trial has been much-covered in the news; no reason to repeat any of it here. But a few days before the verdict, I heard something on the TV news that disturbed me as much as Sandusky’s now-confirmed actions.

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