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Are Humans A Superior Species?

Here’s a question I found in a Facebook forum recently: Why Nature Choosed? English almost certainly isn’t the questioner’s first language, so I’m only considering the underlying assumptions in the question(s). Why nature choosed humans to be superior . . . ? Why not cats, whales, or eagles to lead . . . ? English[…]

All Politicians Lie. But Why?

Donald J. Trump, 2015 “All politicians lie”, it is said. It’s a political extension of “everyone lies”. While it might not be entirely true, the cliché exists because the behavior is common. And most of the time, it’s easy to see why they lie. Not so with Donald Trump.

Describe Yourself In 2,290 Words Or More

Self-portrait, July 7, 2006 (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) Can you successfully and accurately describe yourself to a stranger in one sentence? My wife says she can, but I cannot. (If anyone thinks they can describe me in one sentence, feel free to do so in the comments; I’d love to see what[…]

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